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Fifth class, welcome. Fifth class, welcome. I' m looking forward to hearing from Dad Loup and Boudreaux and Thibodeaux! and I am so thankful to be part of our marvelous fifth class teacherate! I' ve been a teacher at Roman Catholic colleges for over ten years and am very happy to teach you religion and science this year.

For seven years our familiy has been living in the great state of Texas and we always liked every single one! I' m a South Californian by birth and enjoy to read, run and spend free moments with my beloved ones. Throughout the years I have been teaching second, third and forth class pupils in the Diocese of Dallas.

I' m really nervous about going back to St. Mark school. In my spare free hours I like to spend with my man and my girl. I' m looking forward to share my passion for literature with you all!

Teachers Graeme's Grade 5 IEP Blog

We' ll have our tests next Week. First, on Monday, the writing/grammar test takes place, followed by hearing in grade 2. As part of the third grade language test, you will answer some of the unit related question. We' re going to go past progressiv this time. We will have the CAT next Wednesday, so the only WEEBLY assignments this coming Sunday will be to learn and get ready for this test.

Recall what we are teaching this weekend about leisure pursuits, making things, going to the store and WHY you like those things. So don't pose on this side this weekend. In the last few months we have been saying "too big" and "not long enough". You' re gonna be reading a big storyline named Alice in Wonderland this weekend.

We' ll be discussing next weekend what to do with shops and different types of market. We' ll discuss this funny place more next weekend. We talked in his class about doing things that were really enjoyable. Let's begin with the theme Lago, something I think everyone likes to use to construct space ships, fortresses, and hugebots.

It' very simple and funny this time. We will be doing a "YouTube Channel" in grades 3 and 4 this time. I' ll tell you what we're going to do in third grade, but it's about speaking about your favorite YouTube channels. Well, on the weekends after you've completed it, I want you to publish a comments here as well.

I' ll show you in class. No. I can' t wait to see the next week's shows from everyone. I' ll make this sheet available to you in the classroom on Wednesday or Thursday, so don't make any comments until you have done the whole teaching project). UPDATING: As the courses will be cancelled, you can publish the information here before Tuesday.

So tell us about your favorite YouTube TV station, how many viewers it has, how often you view it, why you like it, and what kind of videos/content it has. Thanks and see you next weekend. They can also involve YouTube TV stations when you look at it. I like the YouTube FoxNewsLive for example, with its 3 members of your household who tell us what HE or YOU looks like.

Speak about your holiday. Tell us from your "my summers story" 4 things you did during your summers holiday. Now that we have solved the issue, we can again comment. We will try again this weekend, so check up the latest posting for your Weebly assignments for next weekend.

Don't be worried about taking it down in the mail from last workday. I sent WEEBLY an e-mail and am awaiting an updated version. We' re gonna be talking about our holidays this weekend. Hey, you know that little travel comedian of yours? Please tell us the history of your holidays. Speak about 4 things you have done and make sure you use the PAST TIME.

Hopefully you've all had a nice holiday. We' gonna have a great year together and I really think you'll like doing your Weebly assignments. We will talk about you, your familiy and what you did during your holiday this year. Have a nice summers and good luck next year in 6th year.

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