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Mathematics 7 - Homepage Wellcome to the website of Novi Middle School Math 7 Weebly! Contributions will be made on a regular basis containing research papers, research response keys, home tasks and home task response keys. For information, first click on one of the tab pages in the top left corner of the course drawing page. Course Drawing - contains the Math 7 Course Drawing links, which provides information on how to calculate grades, the teaching materials and what to do when you are not at your class room. contains everyday contributions listing your tasks, research done, spreadsheets, etc.

for the current workday.

Key for important reviews are published.

The WLMS 7-1 Fearless Frogs - Mathematics 7+

Tuesday - Practice Issues for Lessons 1 and 2 Working Book pp. 9,10, : : : Tuesday - EOG publishes practice test form "S" Click here for a copy. Wednesday - EOG publishes practice test form "S" Click here for a copy. Thursday - Start of the project Geometrische Schnüre Kunst. Friday - HOISTORY OF MATHEMATICS VIDEO - Student will answer questions.

Open-ended EOG practical issues. Tuesday - Coach Jumpstart Workbooks. They will work on the Exercise Exam I. Wednesday- Review Coach Jumpstart Workbooks, Exercise Exam 1. Thursday- EOG Released Practise Test Form "S" Click here for a copy. Friday - EOG publishes exercise test form "S" Click here for a copy. Web site for practicing profiles.

Thursday - 2nd class 2nd semester exam - Please note the mark on the blank page when you receive it. Check/reteach which volumetric concept you have. Check the surface and volumetric area. Bring coloured pens in the morning and Thursday. Wednesday - EOG reviews begin. We' ll conduct a 10-day evaluation of all the drafts you have learnt this year.

Receive a file where you can keep all your reviews. On the first and last working days of the evaluation, your parent will sign the index (10-day review). Proportion and share check. Between 1 and 15 No computer related issues. Tuesday Online Review for Units Test. Training area 1: Training area 3: Training area 4: Training area 5: Training area 6:

Training area 7: Training area 8: Training area 9: Training area 10: Training test volume: Exercise TEST Surface: Wednesday Unit Test "Surface and Volume" Thursday Translation Package.

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