Weebly Account

The Weebly Account

You can also log in with your social accounts. Every website in your account has its own dashboard view with various information specific to that website. Client Accounts - Weebly Help Center When you are a Business or Performance subscription, you can activate customer accounts for your shop. If you activate this function, your purchasers have the possibility to set up an account after completion of a sale. As a result, your shipment information is stored for quicker check-out, and you can review your order histories when you log in.

Please note: The Customer Accounts is not available when using the Member function. To use customer accounts instead, you can deactivate your memberships by deleting all members and member groups under Settings > Members. Activate the customer accounts in Shop > Setup > Checkout. Press the Edit pushbutton, click the trigger to activate the function, and then click save.

Once a client makes a sale at your shop, they will be given the opportunity to open an account with the e-mail they submitted at the cashier. All you need to do is click the Generate Account icon and then choose a passcode on the next page. Once the client has returned to your website to make another order, their delivery information is input into the payment process when they pay.

What can I do to cancel my Weebly account? - Weebly Help Center

Weebly account deletion is a quick and easy procedure. Simply click on your name on the home page and go to the account page. Click the "Permanently delete your Weebly account" icon on your account page. When you really want to reuse your e-mail for another account, it' s easier to change the e-mail addresses using the "Edit Profile" links.

In case you never want to receive any more information from us in the near term, please clear the "Notify me of upcoming improvements" checkbox before you click Confirm. That' okay - we can always re-activate your account, so just let us know.

There are no more user-defined domain names for free accounts ???????

There was no way I knew that I could no longer refer my domains to a free Weebly site. I' ve been linking my domainname to a free website for years. Working for several month to update my website for my company. The page was copy to a new one in the Weebly editors and I did all my handicrafts and updates.

Then I separated my domainname from the old site and went to link it to the new site. Now, my commercial site is taken captive and I have to foot the bill to Weebly to reconnect my domains. VERY many don't want to move my domainname to Weebly.

To keep my company's web site off-line until I have the opportunity, while I go out of the state to a meeting and need it for network.

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