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On the Account tab, you can remove the Facebook login connection. This account's locked for an hour. Can' t log in to my account at PHOWr.io. - Bowr

In case you have trouble signing into your POWr.io account, please verify that the following applies to you: Because POWr plug-ins can be used on multiple plattforms at the same time, all your applications and updates are bound to one e-mail and not to the website's domains. That means that in order to get your applications, you must be registered as the initial Shopify e-mail originator.

After logging in you will see your stored applications. Weebly users are registered to use their Weebly account e-mail addresses with us via Weebly. Unfortunately, if the Weebly account e-mail addresses are modified, they will not be updated on your account, so you may have two account numbers. Please be aware that you will always be signed in to the account you originally created.

In order to upgrade your account with the new Weebly e-mail account, please contact our technical staff here. If you add an app via the Wix App Market, a Wix Appr account is not generated for you. In order to have Wix applications in your application in your application, you must first join the account.

Connect a Wix account to your Wix account with your Wix account number. So if you don't see all your applications in your account, please contact our technical assistance group. You must always use this login procedure if you selected a community login when creating your account.

It is not possible to modify the passwords for this kind of account because a passwords has never been generated for your account and is identical to your login. Should you wish to modify your login procedure and use a different e-mail adress, please contact our customer service here.

What can I do to modify the e-mail adress of my account at Ipowr? What can I do to recover my lost or stolen pass?

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