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These are the best resources for third-party Weebly Widgets & Plugins. Add live chat to your website, Google Apps, and multi-language support. Learn how to add more design and functionality to your Weebly website with widgets, plug-ins, splashpages and skins.

Weebly Help Center - Adding and Managing Apps

Weebly' App Center is a rapidly expanding place where you can find new applications, plug-ins and service to improve your website. You have three kinds of applications that work in different ways. The App Element editorsidebar adds items that can be pulled into a Web site just like normal Weebly items.

They will not be displayed in the editor; you need to post your website to see it there. Built-in backend/API applications use our Application Programming Interface (API) to synchronize branch orders, product, blogs, etc. You may not have any user interface at all in the Editor or Dashboard. You' ll most likely be able to get to it by pressing the "Manage" icon next to this application in your My Applications group.

Click on the Add Application icon on the Built-in page or go directly to weebly. com/app-center. Here you can navigate through our updated collection of applications or type in a keyword to navigate through the applications. To use the application on your website, click the Add icon.

As soon as you have plugged in the application, you will be taken to the Site Editor, where you will see your recently reinstalled application marked on the Build page. If you have your applications running, you can use the Build page, the My Applications section on the Settings page, or the My Applications page on the Applications page to choose the Organize your applications option - all three will take you to the same location.

This is where you can delete or re-connect an application, get help from the developers, rate it, and much more. A few applications also have a management tool that takes you from the editor to the provider's page so you can use them to administer your accounts. It is important to remember that Weebly does not offer instant access to third parties applications, so if you need assistance, click the .... symbol for each application or the application page in the Application Center.

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