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Note: Use this guide if you purchased your domain name (e.g. yourcompany.com) through Weebly.

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Hello everyone, sorry for this very fundamental issue, but I'm new to Weebly, but I've worked with Wordpress and Joomla before. My website is for my denomination, which I got from a former administrator in Weebly. Now I have the admin account information, but the page has no log in buttons.

Please click on the registration link, fill in your data and register. Once the page to be edited has its home page at the top of the list, click the Top right corner labeled bearbeiten. Otherwise, click the drop-down arrows next to each Web site to see if the Web site you want to work on is in the Web site drop-down list.

Choose it and click the right pane on the right.

Weebly Help Center - Weebly Help Center - Invite others to help us edit a website

When working on a website with a group, you can ask any number of other persons to help you set up the website. On the Settings page, you will find an area named Editor. This is where you can enter the e-mail address of your editor and they will get an invitation from you.

To start, click the Append Editor buttons. Type the e-mail adress of the person you want to invite. Click the "Invite" link. And you can even include more than one person at a time - just hyphenate your e-mail from them. Admin is the standard privilege set, but if you have a per or higher subscriber, you can customize the privileges for your editor.

You can restrict an autor so that he can only work on certain pages. Allow them to process all pages, only one of the pages, or any number of pages in between. Simply select the checkmark next to each page you want to work on. dashboard - Only invited people can't modify the site, only see the related statistics, forum postings and blogs.

After you have completed the selection of authorizations, click the Save Editor pushbutton. Subscribers will be sent an e-mail with a clickable hyperlink to your website. They can also be sent the invite links directly if they wish - simply copy the invite url from the editor's listing on the Settings page.

They can also see when your writers last signed in to this area, modify their privileges, or even remove them if necessary.

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