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Adding Google AdSense to a website - Weebly Help Center As Weebly does not and will not place any third-party advertisements on your website, we do not endorse or make any representations about your site. However, you're more than welcome to earn revenue for yourself by placing your own advertisements using Google AdSense or simply through any other advertising networking site you think is appropriate. We' ll take a look at Google AdSense in this post.

There is one Google AdSense item under the Commerce section of Elements. A dialogue window will open asking you to authorize Weebly. Remember that it is best to continue this procedure only after your website has been released and contains at least a few pages of text and other contents.

A blank or unreleased website is declined by Google. If you authorize Weebly, you'll be taken to a Google AdSense site where you'll be asked to provide an app that allows Google to serve advertisements on your site. They can sign in to an already established Google/Gmail account (whether you've used AdSense before or not) or sign up for a new one.

Whether you're creating a new affiliate or using an already established affiliate you' ll next be asked to choose the main website locale to make sure your site traffic can view the advertisements Google is showing them. Then, you'll need to fill in a little more information about your site, whether you're a business or an individual (i.e., what type of banking accounts will you use to receive payments from Google), and other essential information about yourself.

Send in your application. You will now be sent back to Weebly, where you can edit your page further. While you can draw as many of your own Adsense items to your site as you want, Google can restrict the number of page-based advertisements they place. Google may take up to five business days to begin placing advertisements on your site, and there's a small odds that they will decline you.

That' s why it's important that you don't submit an application for AdSense until you've posted your site with at least a few full pages of information or contributions. Remember, we have no control over whether Google authorizes or denies your site.

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