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iPhone, iPad and Android apps make it easy to take your website, blog or online store with you wherever you go. Grab the app for your cell phone or tablet. The Weebly Content Rating is anyone. The app is listed in the Productivity category of the App Store. Post your posts to all your blogs with this great app.

Weebly APK 5.4.1 (Download Weebly.apk)

Now you are downloading the Weebly 5.4.1 appk for Android 5.0 and above: With Weebly, website building comes to live with a whole new way of dragging and dropping.... Notice that Weebly's v5.4.1 apk files are the initial ones obtained from the Google Play servers.

Now you can learn more about the Weebly application, check the application privileges, or select a downloader. The Google Player and the Google Player logos are owned by Google Inc. The Weebly brand is the hallmark of the Weebly, Inc. development company. Now download the old appk files:

Product Weebly/Price Diagram App: Organise your pricings in a customisable pricings graph.

Do you sell a multi-price plan based subscription product? Do you want your prospects to see your prices clearly and effectively at a single sight? You should then include the Price Chart app to show your various price schedules to your prospective buyers. There are a number of different designs that allow you to customise your price charts.

You can present your prices according to your wishes with several different layout. It is also possible to fully customise the colouring of the price chart to adapt the chart theme to the aesthetics of your website. Include it in your website today and organize your prices.


To download and reinstall Google Chrome, please click here and obey the directions. We will redirect you to the Installs Live Webinars monitor. As soon as the app is already running, you can start your onlineinar. Please note: Your participants must also have either Google Chrome or Firefox to watch your blog.

Please be sure to let them know otherwise they will not be able to participate in your online seminar.

Weebly allows you to create links to any contents you are uploading to your website and allow your users to download them.

Weebly allows you to create links to any contents you are uploading to your website and allow your site viewers to download them. Per- and B2C end-customers have the possibility to integrate a single page of a documents directly on one page. Please note: While all maps can be uploaded, Basics user are restricted in the amount of data they can download.

Base user may only download up to 5 megabytes (.MB) of data and Per user may download up to 100 megabytes (.MB) of data. It is possible to download a document either on a text item (with text selected) or on a picture item. Choose the item on your page (text or image) to which you want to add a hyperlink.

Then click the Left icon on the taskbar. Choose the option Files in the dialogue window of the left. Click Reload if you haven't yet submitted a document or if you want to submit a new one. As soon as you have your files online, you can download them from your public website.

When you click on the hyperlink in the Notepad, the following pop-up window appears where you can make changes to the hyperlink: The Embedded Documents item from Weebly is a premier featured item that is only available with the Weebly Pro or Weebly Business maps. Weebly Pro users have the ability to directly embedded a Word, German Word or German text message into the page content.

Allows your user to interoperate with the documents as if it were in its initial application on their computer. For embedding a page in a document: In the Multimedia section of the Builder side bar, simply click and drag to the page the Scribd Dokument item. For uploading a new file, click on the middle of the browser.

In the pop-up window, choose Load Files. Choose the one you want to up-load from your computer. Just give the files enough free space to be uploaded and you're done! Notice: If you need to make a download connection for the download, you should first use the download connection for a downloader.

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