Weebly App for Ipad

WEBLY Application for Ipad

Weebly for the iPad, the newest member of the family, is introduced. We' are proud to announce Weebly for the iPad, the newest member of the iPad line and the second most popular features ever! We' ve redesigned Weebly for Tablet to make the fun of dragging and dropping an event you've never seen before with the power to build and manipulate a website on the iPad.

It was a great technological effort to make every website ever built with Weebly workable on the iPad. While we've been testing thoroughly, we'd like to get your feed back on the experiences as we improve things over the next few months. The iPad touch screen is remarkable for being intuitively and intuitively to create and edit web sites, you can now create a web site with your own hand!

Watch the movie below to see some of the natives in operation. You need iOS 8 to run Weebly for iPad. We are also proud to announce that Weebly for iPad is the first full website build and edit ever developed for the unit. Right from the beginning to release, we think you'll enjoy creating sites on your iPad.

A new user surface and styling idiom designed specifically for the touch screen. The Site Selector, Element Sidebar and Image Editor flow together seamlessly for a fully redesigned tray environment. Now you can manipulate pictures and adjust fonts with easy-to-use touch-screen gestures with new, high-performance processing features optimised for iPad. The first app designed specifically for iOS 8 uses the new OS to deliver an unprecedented iPad gaming experience. iPad 8 is the first app designed specifically for iOS 8.

The Weebly for iPad is only the first big leap towards unlimited website building. We believe that you should be able to build an astonishing website on any machine from anywhere. It was an unbelievably challenging technological achievement to deliver a fully natively web editorial content to the iPad, and we're proud to put it in your own hands now.

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