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The world' s easiest to use Appbuilder! Directly from the home page of your portable phone, connect to your website. Contact your customer about pushing alerts to let them know about promotions, new product releases and interesting upgrades. The Myobile App is the world's simplest to use app constructor. Make your website a portable app for all Android phones on the Google Play Store.

Make your website a portable app for all Apple products available through the Apple App Store. Submit pushed alerts according to customer interests, such as promotional activities, messaging, etc. Deliver custom message pushed alerts to your app endusers. While we did the upgrading and the shell, we never modified it to mirror the upgrading (no premier add-ons will work). The Apple release of our app is still not released.

I tried to get in touch via the e-mail I received, but nothing came back. Exactly one weeks later the boys sent me an e-mail and the app really works! Is it possible to edit the app's e-mail address in the playlist? As it says, Kontakt the individual who made it, but it stands your inbox.

This is a great way to get started with Google Work!

Does a business like Weebly (Drag and Fall Builder) exist for smart-phone applications?

I' d suggest Lume Apps (http://lumeapps.com/), it's a web-based application that allows you to create portable applications without having to know any portable coding. The construction of the app is extremly easy, just like with Weebly. Create functions for online share, coupon, generate leads, and even give your app enders push alerts through an easy-to-use administration panel.

Prices begin very low and you can even enroll in schedules that contain infinite app builds, making it ideal if you are a marketer or designer who wants to create a wide range of applications for a wide range of customers. Create an affiliate and begin constructing your first free app: http://lumeapps.com/.

Cheerful construction! At the bottom is a screenshots of an app created for a winebar with Lume Apps:

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