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Artist websites of Weebly

Samples of artist websites created with Weebly. link. It' a weak page for a person who creates hand-painted artwork. Articles. Wall'in is a great example of a website that makes the most of the full-screen image trend.

Selecting a topic for an artist website

My first question is, do you want the site to concentrate primarily on you as an artist so that folks know who they're working with, or on your work so that folks can see what you've done? So for example, focussing on you will include the text that folks need to be reading, but a full text display is bore.

Chris Rose, on the other side, is an example page that focuses very much on one artist. Especially his "About" page is a great place to be, but the use of various items to resolve the page and a fairly simple picture as a backdrop to generate interest without distractions mean that the whole thing is not discouraging for the visitors.

Samples of artist websites created with Weebly.

It is a great website because the maker has a lot of samples of his works of art. This page is neat and tidy so that it is optically appealing   This is a weak page for a someone who is creating hand-painted works of art. It' s important to have a page that makes it easier for the visitor to get in touch with the artist... This designer has set up a website to market her handcrafted puppets.

Please be aware that the designer has a page on which she explains the manufacturing procedure of the puppets. Artist keeps the backdrop easy, so the emphasis is on it. Web site of the artist and educator Brad LeDuc in Kansas. He does a great job organising his style on different pages.

It' s also great that he has attached his artist statements so that the site visitor can understand who he is as an artist.

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