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The video shows you how to add a blog to your Weebly website. To create a blog in Weebly is just like to add another page in Weebly. The site is specially equipped with blog functions. ALTERNATING THEMES FOR YOUR BLOG.

Joining a blog to your website can be both enjoyable and worthwhile.

Joining a blog to your website can be both enjoyable and worthwhile. Add ing a blog allows you to post and comment. They also have a page bar to your contents, with which you can offer your customers a link to important contents, ads or other pages.

Lastly, there are some enhanced options that allow you to optimize your blog. To create a blog in Weebly is just like to create another page in Weebly. So the only thing that's different is that when you pick your page style, you want to include a blog page instead. Posting a new article to your Weebly blog is easy.

The only thing you need to do is click the New posting icon while you edit your blog page. You' ll see your new blog entry marked in the middle of the page. Furthermore, the element side bar on the leftside of the page will differ slightly. These sidebars contain items that are unique to your blog, and you can use them as you would use them on any other page in Weebly.

PUBLICATE - Modify when the contribution is posted, either immediately or at a planned date and at a planned hour. Comment - Allow, prohibit, or require approval for comment. Category - Add a category in which the contribution is displayed. Secret Draft Links - Use the links below to see the article in action before publication.

Submit posting titles - Adds an Submit posting name. Submit posting info - Adds an Submit posting info. As you create a new blog entry, you can keep the entry as a design by pressing Save above. In order to continue working on the stored design: On the bottom bar, click Designs.

Below you can see a list of all designs of items. In order to further process the article, click on the heading or the date edited to open the design. Click the right side icon if you want to delete the design. At Weebly we use a straightforward system that allows you to administer your readers' feedback.

In order to view your blog posts, all you need to do is click the Post Your Reviews icon when you' re working on your blog page. A list of incoming remarks is displayed, and you have several ways to organize and edit them. Easily organize your annotations by date of receipt, whether or not they have been authorized, by annotations you have removed, and by annotations flagged as spamming.

It is also possible to flag your comment as accepted, deleted or marked as spamming. Blog side bar is a one-of-a-kind item that appears uniformly on all blog pages. Categories allow your blog users to organize their blog post by categorization. Your most recent blog postings are displayed in a special feature of the newsreader.

And there are a few other things you can include in your side bar that will improve your visitors' experiences. You' ll find these items in the Blog bar under the Blog side bar section. As well as publishing your blog and organizing your commentary, there are several enhanced options that allow you to customize the way you deal with your comment by using your own post posts and configuring your comment antispam sockets.

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