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A RSS feeder item is added by default to the side bar of each blog you make. The RSS feeder allows blog users to get automated feeds from your blog when they use a feeder type loader like feed.ly. You can find tens and tens of such encoders available for Windows, Mac OS, iPhones, iPads, Android phones and so on.

Although billions of folks are following their favourite blog by using one of the tens of Feedreaders we talked about above, there are many more folks who have no clue what RSS is or why we bore them when they talk about it right now. If you have added a new blog entry to your blog, how can you inform these users?

And the best way is to be where your prospective reader and follower is already: Twitter and Facebook. If you encourage folks to join you on Facebook or Twitter, it means that there are many folks who can interactively connect with this hyperlink when you hyperlink back to your blog entry (or something else).

So the best way to attract blog follower on FB is to build a fan page and append a Like tab that is associated to your blog' sidebar. Concerning Twitter, the addition of a brief Twitter feedback to your website should serve the purpose. How about allowing people to sign up for an e-mail mailing lists that pops up whenever you make a new blog entry?

While there are several good reason why we don't, the most important is that besides Google's Feedburner feature, there's no automatic e-mail alert system that pings your subscription every times you posted. But if you really want to keep your users up to date by e-mail, it's better if they subscribe to a monthly e-mail listing and then periodically e-mail them (maybe once a week or every two weeks) using your favourite articles as the contents of this newsletters to urge them to come back and see what you've posted.

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