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You can download international bestsellers such as Harry Potter, Song of Ice and Fire, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and more from the Fantasy Fiction Universe. A HOME Download free books here, the link is below only, visit them further to download new fictitious books! The great wizard Harry Potter, who takes an active part in the Hogwarts Academy of Wizards, finds great adventure about his past and his fortune, fights against Voldemort and his trainees and horux cruxes, has to watch Hogwarts with great force and fulfil his doom.

Together with his buddies he joins tournaments, championships, battle creatures, wicked minds, bad minds and magicians, descends into the magic of Harry Potter, wants to download it, click here. The Septimus Heap is a tale that is about a magic sorcerer lineage, the mobs fighting to eradicate Darke from the Earth, the heap lineage facing demon and fighter and beast, but still fighting.

The books are a high imagination and very well described. Click here to download.

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Caution - I will not upload any books until my twelfth is over, this is April 2019. I' ll try to upload during the vacation. Download in der Bibliothek : Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, The 39 Clues, Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase, Trials of Apollo, Endgame, Tunnels, Amulet, Alex Rider, Artemis Fowl, Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Skulduggery Pleasant, Diary of Wimpy Kid et vieles mehr zum.

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Now, those of you who are reading my blogs on a regular basis will know that I love Orenda Books (and the beautiful Anne Cater who introduced me to them!) and that they can't do anything bad in my opinion, but with OVERKILL they have blew my expectation out of the ocean and exhausted my spirit forever.

It'?s a breathtaking novel. Ok, I will now pull myself together and try to put it more concisely, how surprising this tale actually is - I just had to get this outburst of agitation first from my breast ?. When the big artillery comes to power, Sam will soon be the focus of her investigation - after all, Gaby was the wife who marry the man of her dream and took the lives Sam should have lived - but no one knows the humans of Mataura like a native and Sam is resolved to get righteousness for the wife she envies him for.

Within a few short episodes I breathed this narrative because all I had to do was know how it would all end, and then when it was over I had to take a minute to let it all work out. james and the teardrops of summers by Lily mae walters is a beautiful storyline full of mystery and chaos, with an intelligently feminine personality that will delight your high heels.

josie james and the teardrops of summers by lily mae walters is a beautiful and fun storyline that will captivate all readers. Well thought out, the books are never boring from beginning to end. Overall, this is a charming, magic storyline that will appease kids and adults equally and is definitely deserving of being on your to-buy schedule.

It was a great pleasure for me to have had the chance to see this beautiful anthology of ecclectic and important tales from canongate.co. uk (many thanks to Jamie!) that have stepped into the sacred rooms of the cannons recognized for their importance and outstanding workmanship of the spoken words. Thrillers, romances, historic fictions and a little imagination here and there are the basics of what I am reading every single passing passing day, but now and then I like to dive into something different, and classic books have always taken a place on my shelves.

Every tale has a new dimension with profoundness and matter that makes you think and think, and I relished each one of these books for their excellent fiction that leapt from the side. Need to point out the breathtaking cover that is really a look and looks beautiful on the shelves - striking enough to get me to stop and hold them to reread them, whatever their will.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about each and every one of the stories, and why not indulge in the full kit? Odysseus' legendary life is widely known, but what about the history of his faithful wife Penelope? Posted by the famed Margaret Atwood, you will find an impressive history of homicide, desire and sophistication.

Story telling is as old as the times themselves and in this brief guide Karen Armstrong will take us on a trip from the past to the present and explore one of the oldest artistic genres in the worlds. Today I believe this is an even more important story than it was when it was first published, because we need story and its message even more in our busy societies.

It' a history of two brethren meant for a different way of living. It is a fabulous vision that will captivate the reader from beginning to end and is memorable when you turn the last page. When you have a moment of serenity, this narrative makes you feel like no other self-meditation. This vivid re-telling of the classical Ovid metamorphosis takes the old history of romance and girls and turns it upside down, bringing it to live.

This lyric and touching history is a must for everyone in our contemporary underworld. Samson' s history is a history many will know, but David Grossman offers a masterly re-telling in Lion' s Honey. I would like to thank Jamie again for giving me such a unique package of books, and I ask you all to include these beautiful books in your collections as soon as possible.

As Bridget and Cormac reunite, their relationship begins to develop again, but now that they have grown up, it is different. Susie Murphy's A CLASS APART is a rich in detail, historic story of loving against all resistance and I loved it from beginning to end. While they are getting to know each other again, their friendships flourish as they get to know so much about what has been happening over the past few years, and as they share more of each other they become even more powerful.

Susie Murphy's ACLASS APART is like a carpet on a tile - beautiful to look at and when you concentrate on each piece it reveals even more to the eyes. Reading this tale, you will dive ever more deeply into the Irish past, into the personalities themselves and into the emotion so graphically described that you cannot help but be trapped in it.

It touches the hard realities of living for many, but in the end it is a tale of loving and its force and might. This is a great novel and I'm looking forward to the next one in this episode. Length of 368 pagesPublishing house - Trapeze (Orion Books)Book Depot - www.bookdepository. comAmazon UK - www.amazon.co. ukAmazon US - www.amazon. comI want to thank Tracy Fenton for the possibility to participate in this guided tours and Alainna for sending me an e-copy of this publication for verification.

And when Rachel and Aidan fall in Love, they think it's forever. Rachel has put her life's work behind her, a present of charity, to guide her through the darkness after her deathbed. Cass Hunter's MY REVIEWTHE AFTER WIFE has been a strong and impressing tale that really surprised me and made me very emotionally.

Both Rachel and Aidan have a relationship grounded in a profound and eternal relationship of loving each other. Rachel was nothing if not organized, and over the next few month did leave them something to make their way easier with iRachel, a specialized Rachel-like-looking, talking, and interacting robotic.

Whilst Aidan and Chloe were struggling with iRachel at first, it didn't take long for them to find some piece of mind out of it, and then, as the narrative goes on, iRachel became a figure in her own right for me, and my hearts were broken for her as she became conscious of her own limits and constraints.

Cass Hunter's THE AFTER WIFE film is a singular and exciting tale that makes you wonder about what it' s like to live your lives with those we like, and although the tech is obviously astonishing in many ways, does it challenge you, is there any point where we as a community can go too far?

The novel is an exciting reading and I commend it to all those who love it. THE KEY by Kathryn Hughes is an exciting and emotive tale that shows a period in your life that will never forget you, with personalities that will never abandon your hearts. Whilst this is a double lineage tale, most of the books tell the tale of Ellen in 1956, when she becomes a nursing assistant in the crazy house on the date that Amy, a young woman the same old as Ellen, becomes a female client.

While Ellen tries to find her way in this odd, often gruesome, new reality, she will also find her way to charity, but if something terrible happens, will she be able to correct an injustice that could transform so many people forever? Parts of the novel that takes place in 2006 revolve around Sarah, who is resolved to compose a historic novel about the Ambergate County Lunatic Asylum because there is a close relationship - her dad, who doesn't like to spend his spare tirelessly there.

While Sarah is going through her own problems as she struggles with a separation, when she finds a pile of old trunks as she sneaks through the dilapidated sanctuary, she soon finds a whole new tale about those who have been imprisoned there for so long. Kathryn Hughes' THE KEY is an impressive tale that illuminates the hard and often gruesome treatments of the weakest members of the community, most of whom needed friendliness and sympathy, not narcotics and electroshockotherapy.

It is a history that does not shrink from the often terrible states that have occurred, and there have been many occasions when my eye was full of tears, for unfortunately what is described was not just imagination but real. This is not only a sinister storyline, but there are also occasions of unselfishness, fellowship, and romance that fit between the pages.

Kathryn Hughes' THEKEY is a thrilling and powerful story about past study and discovering the power to begin a new page, and I couldn't write this whereabouts. Can' t wait any longer to hear from this gifted writer. It' a romance note on the wall of her belly.

As Alice Richards looks forward to seeing the seed of affection that she and her man have grown and that grows into old age, Alice Richards is a man who has a great sense of humour and joy. She' will give every detail to the next possessor of her own hearts... along with the meticulous orders to remind her man of her immortal romance. Alice has to find the ideal contestant to lead her man through incredible sorrow and keep the memories of her romance in her hearts before her times run out.

This MY REVIEW is something very peculiar. I had a good thought from my readings that this would be an emotive tale that would certainly make me cry horribly (and it did!!!!), but I didn't anticipate the incredible mind of power and ambition and inspiration lying between these beautiful pages that would make you re-evaluate how you see things and what is really important.

Luckily Alice Richards has found her soul mate, the passion of her lifetime so early in her career and they have blueprints for the futures that will end with them being old and gray and one of these days observing their grandkids playing. But, as we all know, living can be horrible, and when Alice, at 26, finds that she has an incurable disease of which less than a year is still alive, it devastates everyone around her and shatters them to the bone.

Plan to rescue as many humans as possible by organizing the donations of all her organs, plan to help her loved ones to deal with her losses, and plan to give her hearts (the institution that contains all her loving, emotional, and biographical ) to someone so extraordinary that they will only be able to glow a little bit of dark glow after she is gone.

You' ll really roll out your eyeballs when you say I give you my Sarah Jane Ford breast, but you' ll be smiling, you' ll be feeling my passion and my hopes shine through every page, and you' ll be so thankful for this breathtaking tale as you turn the last page. As for the protagonists, they are really astonishing, and the typing is really excellent and emotionally in the right places.

Sarah Jane Ford's I GIVE YOU MY HEART is a novel that merits being widely read and that will remain in my memory for a long while. SaraJane is the debutante of "I Give You My Heart", which is scheduled for release on September 1, 2018.

SarahJane likes to lecture (ideally by the sea!). It was brought up with the greatest romance tales from where her romatic spirit comes. She' s in fall for romance... Mr. Darcy' pensive looks at pride and prejudice; Julia Roberts and Richard Gere' captivating chemistries in Runaway Bride; the intense emotionally charged Titic; weakness in the legs for Danny Zuko in Grease; Cecilia Ahern' heart-rending P.S. I Love You and Patrick Swayze' megamoves in dirty dance.

Collectively, they will show that old-age has no part to play in terms of fellowship, affiliation and insatiable joie de vivre. It' also become her liferaft. A heart-warming and entertaining tale, MY REVIEWTHE NOT SO PFERFECT PLAN TO SHAVE FRRIENDSHIP HOUSE by Lilly Bartlett has something for everyone. There' s a great deal going on in their lives, but when the nursing home owners decide it's g o t h e r t h e a n d e a n d i n g s t h e o u r t h e h a n d a n d s t h e a n d a r e s t o b o o o f men and girls together, the anger only begins, and when the slaughter line is established, there may even be boyfriends on opposite sides....

Lilly Bartlett's not-so-perfect schedule to rescue her friend's house has a marvelous mixture of character, some impudent and fun, while others are more reserved and emotionally restrained, but all lovable in their own way. It will make you laugh and make you think about old age in a new, fresh and welcoming way.

Surroundings and a sense of fellowship and affiliation are very well represented everywhere, and I really loved this very much from beginning to end. Lilly Bartlett's not so perfectly planned rescue of her friendship house is a wonderful novel about living, loving and striving for luck, regardless of one' s own ages or anything in between, and I strongly commend it.

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