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On this page you will not find any information why the latest tweets from Weebly Cloud (@WeeblyCloud). Fast integration of the Weebly API. Link Weebly and map data via our REST-APIs e-commerce services such as Zendesk, Salesforce & MailChimp.

Getting set with Weebly Cloud

Weebly Cloud? What's Weebly Cloud? WebBly for Cloud is for retailers who want to offer their clients a premium website build tool that allows them to build their own website, their own blogs and their own shop within a few moments. Weebly Cloud enables you to simply embed Weebly into your current in-house applications, CMS or third-party web-applications.

They can use our Cloud Admin to administer user and website or use our own Remote Application Programming Interface (RESTful API) for programmatic integration into legacy applications. It is also possible to use plug-ins to enable Weebly to be integrated into your current system. Set up a Weebly Cloud Accounts is your first steps. Your Cloud Admin Cloud Service allows you to connect to Cloud Admin, where you can get your customers' information, along with your own unique Application Programming Interface (API) keys and the secrets that give you the Cloud Application Programming Interface (API) permission.

Weebly Cloud has a Cloud client here. If you don't have a Weebly Cloud client, please send an e-mail to our staff here. When your bankroll is established, go to Configure Weebly Cloud to complete your bankroll setup. If this is your first time using the Weebly Cloud, your user will be in trial state. We do not have any restrictions in test modes, only all user and websites that have been built for testing are preset, so you will not be billed for them.

You will be regularly deleted from the system, but only after your Weebly Cloud accounts are in productive use. In productive modus, you can still set up a test users in the Cloud Admin or by transferring the option switch between the two. Weebly Cloud Partners can either choose to publish their pages on Weebly's own or on their own hosting facilities.

If it is housed at Weebly, all data is stored on the Weebly servers. If you decide to go ahead with your web site service, all your queries will be sent to your web site and all your statical data will be stored on your web site. However, some queries request a call to a Weebly end-point to retrieve certain dynamically generated contents. The Weebly Editor (where your website owner creates their websites) is housed on Weebly in both cases.

Much of the work required to administer your customers' Web site is done with the Cloud Administrator, which includes the capability to build, administer, and remove Web pages. Entrance to the website can be obtained from https://your-domain/admin. Please note: If your domainname is a sub- undomain of weeblycloud.com, you can also reach the administrator at https://weeblycloud.com/admin. .

Cloud Admin user are known as team members, and you can set up your own configuration to allow accessing the features they have on the Team Member page. Clients use the Site Dashboard at https://your-domain/portal. to visit websites. Please note: If your domainname is a sub- undomain of weeblycloud.com, you can also reach it at https://weeblycloud.com/portal. .

Here you can see page statistics, forum posts, blogs commentaries and dashboards and access to the Weebly Notepad. It configures the levels of user accessibility by specifying privileges for site contributors. With the Weebly-Aditor your clients create web sites. From the Site Detail page in the Cloud Admin, you call the Notepad.

Weebly App Centre, and download and install applications developed by Weebly and third-party vendors. It allows you to manage whether or not your clients can access the App Centre, and if you do, you can only make it available for locations on specific maps.

Find out more about the App Centre and customized applications here. Please note: The App Centre is not marked in red. This means that the Weebly trademark will appear throughout the centre. With a Weebly topic, you have a general structural and styling pallet for any website created with the Weeblyditor. At Weebly, we strive to offer our customers the greatest possible degree of freedom, so that our designs do not prescribe a templates or an obligatory organisation of contents.

Given that Themes must have very unique structure and file types to work on the Weebly platforms, you can begin with any theming and then tailor it to your needs instead of building a customized design from the ground up. There is also a basic topic that you can use as an introduction.

Adapt a design directly from the Weebly Editor. To open the built-in code editor, click the Design page, and then click Edit HTML/CSS. Use the Cloud Admin's Design page to administer your customized designs. Should you have a question about working with Weebly Cloud for Designers or a suggestion on how we can enhance the Cloud Admin, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) or our online help, please use the Submit Ticket to Cloud Admin links.

After submitting, a tickets is sent to the cloud service group.

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