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Picture for WordPress vs. Weebly. Click here to read our CMS comparison article to learn more! The diagram shows the history of recognized websites with Weebly.

What Site builder is right for you?

Building a good-looking website without vast web engineering expertise is now much simpler than ever thanks to Website Builder and CMS platforms that provide the capability to create, maintain and customise websites without the need for programming. However, what you get in the simplicity of the set-up tends to loose you in adaptability and agility.

Therefore, companies that want both sides of the medal are inclined to look at WordPress and investment in the extension of the open code platforms with the help of a development engineer. There are no limits for extended functions with WordPress. For those with zero engineering skills who need less complex demands from their website (and something quick and with a budget), however, it is not unusual to turn to click-and-create website builder like Squarespace, Wix and Weebly.

Just think, you're making a Lebkuchenhaus. WordPress gives you all the ingredient, texture and decoration you need to redesign it from the ground up, just the way you want. There' no limits to what you can think of, but there's a little more running. Weebly offers you the prefabricated Lebkuchen wall and a choice of pre-selected decoration.

So, which is the right one for you? We are comparing two top construction site plattforms in this paper, WordPress and Weebly, to help you choose which is best for you. Weebly' chat-based technical assistance makes it quick and inexpensive for non-developers to fix issues with their website without having to hire a webmaster to make expensive changes or corrections.

And with Weebly, there's never anything you need to have installed or updated, and they guarantee great page yield with their server. WordPress has a large development base and extensive literature when it comes to getting help or assistance with certain topics or plug-ins, but you probably need the help of a development team.

Upgrading, maintenance and optimization of your website will be important throughout the life cycle of your WordPress page. WordPress gets repeated upgrades per year, and while the source code and databases are upgraded in the back and plug-ins can be upgraded with a single click, an upgrade can always destroy more sophisticated, user-defined features.

What is more important to you depends on the type of website you are creating and your own skills levels. WorldPress is one of the most versatile plattforms ever, but making the most of it takes a lot of effort and coding effort. Weebly on the other side makes it really nice and effortless to create a website that is simply, good looking and functionally with very little effort, but this is at the cost of function and scale.

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