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Do I need to verify my contact information? - Weebly Help Center

While registering a Domainname with Weebly, transferring an already registered Domainname to Weebly or making changes to the contact information of a Domainname, you may get an email asking you to verify your contact information by following a click on a hyperlink. The ICANN system demands that whoever registers a Domain Name ensures the correctness of the contact information of the World Health Organization (WHOIS) for allomains, and this confirmation e-mail is part of this work.

Make sure you act promptly to prevent your domainname from being blocked. When your site has been blocked due to insufficient validation, your site (and all related service such as email) no longer works. You must login to your Weebly affiliate and use the hyperlink to resend the confirmation email, and then obey the directions in that email to unlock your domains and put your website back on-line.

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We are sorry that you are annoyed about a Weebly website, and we would like to help you solve your problem immediately. Below you will find our guidelines regarding misuse claims. If you would like to make a query and learn about our policies on copyrights, please go to our Copyrights page. I take your complaint seriously.

When you have a complaints about spamming, please go to our spamming reports page. There are several grounds in our general conditions for which we may, at our sole option, delete a website. We are not, however, obligated by these conditions to delete all websites that do not meet the conditions. It is not possible for us to respond to inquiries for our members' personally identifiable information, such as e-mail addresses, IP addresses or other information.

And if you are a member of a policing or governing body and you are currently looking into an investigation, you can contact us at abuse-law@weebly.com. It is our politics to act as well as possible in all current policing work. Every inquiry to this e-mail that is not made by a criminal investigator will be ignored.

Unless you are a Law Enforcer and wish to remove a website or obtain personal information about a Weebly customer, you can do so by bringing a John Doe suit against the Weebly customer and obtaining a judicial order that we will respect. Please, however, seek our counsel on these issues.

This information does not constitute professional counsel and is provided for information only.

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