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Launch a blog with Weebly Total controll over layouts and posting structures allows you to launch extraordinary blog websites. Full customisation of categories, tags and sidebars provides the most important navigational and interactive features that today's blog visitor craves. Cutting-edge annotation handling features help you tailor your presentation and permission preferences to your unique needs, plus the option to embed Disqus or Facebook annotation directly into your blog.

When you can think of it, the Weebly blogsoftware can make it possible. Your blog is a photojournal, videotage, literature research or maybe all three? You can do it all with a set of easy access and integration features available in your blog Dashboard and Apple Application Centre.

Every blog includes RSS and socially shared capabilities to reinforce your messages across key canals. And you can even plan blog postings in advance by scheduling Facebook and Twitter shares and customized networking messages. Launching a new blog is about sharing your singular vote and opinion and making those thoughts available to a new public every passing day. What's more, it's about making your blog more accessible to a new world.

WEBLY blogs can help you get there.

Creating a Blog Post - Weebly Help Center

Posting a blog on your website is a great way to keep your contents up to date, exchange your views and expertise, and enhance your visitors' loyalty. The best part is that you can upgrade your blog on the go with Weebly's portable applications. And if you haven't yet made your own blog, go to the Pages page tabs, click the+ button to create a page, and then choose Blog.

In order to create a new entry, click the New Entry icon at the bottom of your blog page. A blog entry has a caption and a contents area. Titles are like the headlines of newspapers, so they should usually be brief. It is possible to attach contents to your contribution, as is the case when creating contents to a normal page.

Drag-and-drop items into the message and modify them to include contents. As soon as you have added your contents, you can choose from a wide range of choices for this particular contribution. Choose Mail Option. If you want to mark your contribution, click Submit Category. The highlighted category will be displayed in your side bar, making it easy for blog users to find articles that address specific issues.

You can also plan your contribution for a later date and at a later date and from here you can switch on or off your comment. Once you're done, you have a number of publication and release choices. Saving and booking. If you click Contribute, this contribution is immediately published on your website, and if you click Submit, a design is created for you to use later.

If you click Saving, you will see that a Designs icon is added at the bottom right. Click Draft to see, modify, and publish all your work in process when you're done.

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