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Find out how to sign up for a Weebly account. Set up a Weebly account. zephyrtrainingcanada. This e-learning project allows teachers to create a website for the Weebly for Education class. - Enter your full name, e-mail address (KSU) and password to create your free account.

Use Weebly to create a powerful, professional e-commerce website.

point-by-point guide

WEBLY is a website creation tool that allows you to create your own website through a wide range of different templates available. If you have your own website, you want your users to subscribe to your e-mail lists so they can get more information from your company. Click the add icon on the App page in Weebly.

At the top right, click on "Connect". When you click on "Connect" you will return to the central operating field in Weebly. Choose the name of the page and the type of page you want to link to. Now click on the Blue "Save" Buttons. Now you will see the contact details on your website.

Now you can use this registration to add a subscriber to your Weebly website subscription page.

This is how you link a Weebly warehouse to Shippo - Shippo

In order to create Shippo tags for your orders in Weebly, you must begin in your Weebly-Shop. Thereby you get directly to Shippo. When you already have a Shippo account, you will be prompted to login. In case you don't have an account yet, the program will guide you through the process of creating an account with us.

Weebly orders will then be added to your Shippo account. After connecting, you have two choices to purchase shipment tags with Shippo. Weebly jobs are synchronized there, and you can do things like create more than one tag at a time, printing more than one tag at a time, and printing packsheets. If you need help to configure your Shippo account, read the Getting started first.

When you click this icon, you will be guided through the process of creating labels. The first step is to verify that your return email adress and the adress of the addressee are accurate. You will be asked if any information you require is lacking. Next, fill in the parcel detail, which includes dimensions/carton size, shipping weights and whether or not you wish to include items such as insurances and signatures or not.

As soon as you have entered your parcel data and clicked on "Next", all available tariffs of your carrier will be displayed and you select the desired labelling size. As soon as you have chosen a price, it will say "Buy" and show the amount in the upper right hand part of the popup, and you can buy your tag.

Please note: Shippo integrations do not have the option to initiate automatic e-mail notifications when a Shippo purchase is made. You can either choose to receive the alert e-mail from Weebly, or you can choose to have Shippo notify your customers via Shippo when you create the tag.

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