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Weebly' customizable widgets can be optimized to make them unique on your website. Customise your backgrounds - Weebly Help Center Adjusting the wallpapers on your pages is an easy way to give your site a unique touch and highlight it. Each section and heading on your website can have a different wallpaper added, so your creativity is virtually limitless. Wallpapers fill the full width of the page and can be an illustration, a movie (for per and higher subscribers) or a full colour.

Use your own file or select from our gallery of optimised, high-quality discs. Picture and camcorder wallpapers can be further adjusted using scroll effect. We' ll look at how to use each kind of wallpaper and give you some hints that will help you get the most out of your pictures and movies.

Wallpaper gives your website a vibrant look and makes it more appealing to your audience. We have provided a galery of optimised and usable movies on your website, but you can also use your own movies. When you upload your own movie, make sure it is less than 1 GB in any of the following formats:

You will want to use a good looking and large enough movie to fill the width of your page without bias or pixels. The majority of smart phones are able to record movies that work well as background, so you may already have what you need to make a good-looking one. Select the section you want to include a movie in, and then click Edit Background.

Select Movie, and then click Capture Movie. In order to use a clip from the Galerie, just click on it to immediately make it your wallpaper. In order to upload your own movie, click Submit movie, and then select the movie you want to submit. It may take some for your videotape to stop being uploaded and displayed on the page, but you can go on and work on other things in the editors while you are waiting.

To use another movie, see a glimpse of how it plays, or turn the loop on or off, click Edit backgrounds again. If you want to use an artwork wallpaper, click Edit wallpaper for the section you're working with. Click and drag the icon to the right of the screen. Click on the picture miniature of the picture and then on the Pick a picture from our galleries.

You can filter the pictures in the galleries by topic using the top right hand corner menue. In order to upload your own picture, click on Upload picture and select the desired picture from your computer. Select the section, and then click Modify backgrounds to view the options. Allows you to change or substitute the currently selected picture and select a scroll effect for the backdrop.

You wonder what kind of picture you want? There' really no such thing as special measurements for a wallpaper, but a good general principle is to select an edge width of about 2,000 pixel and a height of at least 1,000 pixel - large enough to make sure your wallpaper looks good on all display screens and equipment.

If you want to make a fat message or present specific contents on your website, a coloured wallpaper is a good one. On the section that you want to include a colour in, click Edit backgrounds, and then click Colour. To open the Change Picker, click the Change Colour pushbutton.

Dragging the Spectral Grid Loop to the desired colour and then dragging the Loop Loop Loop Loop Loop to fine-tune the brightness and intensity of the colour. When you already know which colour you want to use, you can enter the text in the box below.

How does it work if the fonts you choose do not look good on your new wallpaper? Use the A toolbar shortcut on the Text Editor toolbar to choose the text and colour. Choose one of the default patches or click the down arrows to open and adjust the selection.

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