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Read Weebly Reviews | Customer Service Reviews from weebly.com Horrible customer care experiences. Tried to commit a site, but after such a horrible client support session, I wanted to stop the commit. Looking for another podium to take care of her clients. Repeatedly requested cancellation but still automatically extended.

No services. Do not use and do not rely on other rating pages.

This whole thing is a trick to get more and more cash out of you, even if you have their top bundle, useful functions like customer reviews are costing you more cash. This has been addressed with Weebly and they fed me with several futile pretexts (Clear Café, must be your web browsers, must be your antivirus, must be your ISP, etc.).

Wasting my day. It'?s Weebly. Support " is a total error: They just want to get you off, and lies are part of it. Minuten for help, and then they squander even more of your precious little bit of your precious little bit of your precious little bit of your precious little bit of your precious little bit of your precious little time by telling you that they have nothing they can do for you.

AT ALL COSTS, THEY DON'T CARE. Persons who complain about free sites are further limited in their ability to function and require that they be paid to cancel them. However, if you are still using your services, there is a possibility that your accounts will be blocked for no good cause. I' ve just extended my season ticket for another 2 years early this year and Weebly has agreed to fuck me.

I didn't know that my bank accounts were cancelled without an e-mail warning / notice the same sameday / after. Impractical because the political staff does not take any phone call and only answers by e-mail. 5 ) After submitting a seperate e-mail, the policies response question was answered. This is Weebly for you now. When you continue to use the site, move your site to another location.

Just check the reviews - they don't tell lies. I' ve been a faithful, weak follower for the past four years. Terrible customer support - that's probably why the company founder jumped out and went out of business. WHEN YOU' LOOK FOR SOMETHING SIMPLE TO USE, THIS IS THE ONE. A 24-HOUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT REPRESENTATIVE, YOU'RE NOT THE COMPANY.

Inacceptable & frighteningly poor services, my bank accounts were not properly established by the employees at all, resulting in significant losses for my company. Once I have decided to terminate my bank with Weebly, Weebly will continue to withdraw funds from my bank after I have asked them to terminate it through several e-mails throughout the year.

Attempting to get a call or e-mail reply to a technician to fix the problems and stop the prints is practically impossible! Caution Do not use Weebly ! Although Weebly has come a long way since I began with them, they just can't keep up with what SquareSpace or SetMySite has to say.

I' ve tried SquareSpace for my site and the web is much simpler than Weebly. is that SquareSpace doesn't provide telephone assistance. Actually for my core store I had SetMySite.com redesigned the entire website I had on Weebly. They' re currently doing all the normal editing and the level of tech stuff is awesome.

And if the styling utilities weren't enough disappointing, Weebly's assistance (or absence thereof) is really what it did for me. Can' t afford to spend 4 and a half day waiting for them to send me an e-mail and I don' t want to spend 4 and a half day waiting for me to start playing the voice gap match with one of their overseas team.

Well, if the implements were better, we wouldn't need the backup. NULL customer care. There is no reply on the telephone line or in the chats. I' ve been a Weebly member for a while and with the passage of my life I wanted to move to another site, my plan was refreshed and when I asked if I wanted to go they declined to pay me back the balance.

Personally, I never really do reviews, but I'm so angry about Weebly that I have to alert others. I only gave Weebly a badge for not giving it a badge because I built a test website that became beautiful. Wix was exactly the opposite - simple, quick and adaptable.

That brought me to Weebly, but since Weebly is not possible, I'm looking for other choices. It'?s not the kind of agent we were hoping for. Weebly has been used by our agent for some considerable period of now as a templates choice for our customers who do not have the Customsudget. Actually, we have brought several agents, acquaintances and customers to Weebly.

There are several phone conversations from our customers who are experiencing problems. In the last few weeks these calls/e-mails from CA to NY ranged everyone tried to resolve problems with their Weebly account. Others have their own bank account.

Also our agent bank has problems. Screenshots and videos of the problems are available. We have recorded the computer type, browser version, etc., as we have worked with our customers to resolve the issue. Throughout the year, our staff develops tailor-made projects (Online Schools, Apps, Complex Web Solutions) - so we are not new in this technological age.

It was a big shock when my crew was so disappointed that they came to me and asked, "Can we just get through Weebly? Given how much effort and "support" we have put into Weebly since 2012, it would be a great challenge for our teams to "finish". Hopefully I could just copy that as a hard tag - hate me technological tags can exhaust even the most tolerant person.

So...this mornin' I went on my own computer to test the problems that were notified to us...and safe enough...there are some shaky things happening. I' ll turn to Weebly for assistance. We start chatting...she let me copy the problems and sent me her screenshots at the time.

On the other hand, the interview quickly turns into their statement that there are no problems - it's all a user error and/or an access to the Internet.........waiting....across national borders? I realize that Elise has decided that this is "us" and that the interview is not going there...and I can now see why my crew wants to be done.

This last point shows a poor programming awareness...but more to the point, it shows that this organization is more interested in struggling right than really working with its customers and solving problems. From a glimpse of the conversation on-line, it appears that several individuals with apparently accidental problems are typing in Weebly (many of them in the last 72 hour alone) - from a 30,000-foot perspective this is an indication of a possible collapse of the kernel code...what is happening in the tech, so I agree to do it with Weebly.

But I' m worried about the larger "bug" in all of this: the apparent absence of accountability, sincerity, and honesty shown by Weebly's staff. This is a big issue for our agent and for the guys we brought to the Weebly product...and from what I've just seen in person today - I'm not sure that the Weebly customer support staff will take care of it at all.....

No clear way is there on their website to give feed -back without signing up for an affiliate registration area. All I like about Weebly is its easy-to-use editing and blogs engines. Meet your clients. Receive true customer information and answer your reviews.

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