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Retail Square and Weebly FAQs | Square Support Center By integrating Square for Retail and Weebly, you can make seamless sales both from your own site and on-line - so your company can reach your clients where they want to be. In the following you will find frequently asked question about the Square for Retail and Weebly integrations. What is the best way to administer Square for Retail and Weebly?

In order to ensure that your catalog and your fixtures are synchronized properly, you should make sure that your Square accounts are updated. Article information is transferred from your Square for Retail affiliate to your Weebly on-line shop but some information is not updated in Square when you make the changes in Weebly. E.g. article pictures and stocks in Square are not updated when you refresh via your Weebly dashboard.

How is the payment for Weebly? On top of your Square for Retail plan, your Weebly e-shop costs $25 per Month to be paid through Square. Your sign-ups can be viewed at any moment on your Square Dashboard. What do I do to sign in to my Weebly client login? From the Home Page of your Square Dashboard, you can login to your Weebly Moneybookers by choosing Apps > eCommerce from the drop-down list > Weebly in the menu on the right.

I' ve decided to go on-line with Weebly, why can't I see my Weebly bankroll? If you choose to buy on-line with Weebly, a new screen will open so you don't loose your place on your Square Dashboard. But why isn't my article libary synchronized? If you allow us to browse, your sqare element libraries will synchronize themselves with Weebly, but it may take 1-2 min. to do so.

If my customer placed an order, why didn't I get a message? Verify your spamming and include Weebly's no-reply@editmysite.com e-mail in your contact list. So why aren't my article pictures displayed in a square? Article pictures added in Square are transferred to your Weebly accounts by default, but the article pictures will not synchronize from Weebly to Square.

First, attach your article pictures to Square to synchronize them with your Weebly e-shop first. Some of my articles don't synchronize with Weebly, why? When some of your articles are not synchronized with Weebly, please review the article pricing. Variable inexpensive articles are not available in the Weebly Online-Shop.

Are my article modifications transferred from Square to Weebly? How do I see my subscriber statement? Square administers your Weebly account. Your Square Dashboard will allow you to see your bill every month. Please note: Although Square handles your Weebly account, extra functions such as customized web addresses and G-Suite bookings are handled directly by Weebly.

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