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Skip to What are some of the most important privacy changes under GDPR? 43 million Weebly customers informed about data breaches On Thursday, Weebly, a much-loved web site and website development services provider, said it would begin informing more than 40 million consumers of a huge data breach reaching back to February 2016. San Francisco-based LeakedSource reaffirmed the deal after the website LeakedSource posted a detailed article on the assault.

LeakedSource, an anonymized resource in a 43,430,316-user data base, includes user names, e-mail accounts, password and IP address. As the site noted, the organization stores with Bcrypt the password - a powerful password encryption system. "This violation could have been much more devastating in the wrong hand if they hadn't strongly harassed the passwords," says LeakedSource.

Responding to the event, a Weebly spokesman said in a statement: It added that it was taking action to inform clients of the violation and was working to implement more stringent passwords and resetting passwords. "Our secure teams, supported by external secure advisors, are working to help our clients secure and improve our networking security," said Weebly.

Meanwhile, LeakedSource says that the data base is only one of several hundred it has recently received. Also, the website released some detail about a data breach at Foursquare - a site-specific application. As LeakedSource points out, the event is expected to have taken place in December 2013 and will affect more than 22 million people.

More than 43 million Weebly accounts compromised; Foursquare also affected by data breaches

The year 2016 is the year of data privacy violations that has made almost all large corporations a victim of IT security threats, resulting in a trade-off of over a billion user identities. Both Weebly and Foursquare are the latest casualties of the data breach and join the ranks of "mega-breaches" that have emerged in recent weeks, among them LinkedIn, MySpace, VK.com, Tumblr, Dropbox and the largest - Yahoo.

More than 43 million user accounts were hijacked by San Francisco-based website builder Weebly, according to LeakedSource, who had already indicated a copy of the data she had obtained from an anonymized resource. Detailed information on the latest news about the virus assault can be found in her Thursday blogs posting in which she explains what went on.

"Luckily, unlike almost every other act of hacking, Weebly co-founder and CTO Chris Fanini hadn't stuck his neck deep in the mud and actually reacted to our communications requests," says LeakedSource. "We' ve worked with them to keep their user's safety safe, so we' re now sending passwords reset and alert e-mails.

" Stole data contains personally identifiable information from 43,430,316 Weebly clients, including login names, e-mail address, passphrases and IPs. Lost identities were saved with the powerful BCrypt hatching feature, making it harder for a hacker to obtain the user's current one. Those passphrase inhashes also thought they used a salt - a casual character chain that was added to the hacking operation to further reinforce passphrases to make it harder for a hacker to break them.

Veebly acknowledged the breach by saying that the organization has begun to notify affected clients and has already launched a pending revocation procedure and new passphrase requests. "Recently, Weebly became known that an outsider has received e-mail and/or user names, IP address and encoded (bcrypt hashed) passwords for a large number of customers," the firm said.

There are no full credentials stored on Weebly server and at this point we do not know that credential information that could be used for billing fraud was part of this event. "LeakedSource has also released a detail on a data breach affecting more than 22 people.

Foursquare site check-in services, although the firm rejected the claim. Although it's hard to break lost forgotten usernames, it's still a good way to modify your Weebly user ID just to be sure. Immediately modify your passphrases for other on-line users, especially if you use the same passphrase for more than one website.

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