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Join the development of apps for the Weebly platform! Find out how to set up a developer profile and work with some of our example apps. Find out more about our OAuth2 authorisation deployment. Find out more about how to build Weebly Apps. Which are the items?

Find out more about Weebly items and how to make them. Find out more about Weebly topics and how you can customise them to work for you.

Become a member of the Weebly Developer Community to browse and contribute to our Forums. Learn how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affects your responsibility as a developer of Weebly Apps.

Creating a Developer Account | Weebly Developer Documentation

You must have a developer license before you can use the Dev Admin site to sign up and administer your game. You' ll also receive a free developer website to test your application. If you are a developer, you have full control over the Dev Admin site, where you can administer your web site in the Weebly Application Center together with your applications.

In order to set up a developer if you don't have one yet, simply set up a Weebly simple user at weebly. com. You will be guided through the on-boarding procedure, which involves the creation of a website. You will receive a dedicated test page as soon as you sign up as a developer, so working on this page after the on-boarding is completely voluntary.

As soon as your site and your site have been set up, go to the Developer Admin site by browsing to weebly. com/developer-admin and logging in with your newly set up Weebly site name. There is a dialogue box that shows the name and e-mail address associated with your Weebly client area. These are used by default for your developer accounts. Tip: To help explain why you might not want to use your standard Weebly e-mail address.

The information is displayed on your Developer card in the App Center: Read and agree to the building owner contract and store your data. Opens the Developer Admin-Portal. Here you can build and maintain your own applications, download new releases, restore your existing ones, restore your existing ones, change your prices, display your remarks and check your payment to Weebly.

Add this page as a pagemark to facilitate access: https://www.weebly.com/developer-admin or go to it above in this document.

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