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As Weebly' Chief Executive Officer, why say no to the hottest trend in e-commerce?

Drop shipping is one of the latest eCommerce hot spots, and Weebly creator and CEO David Rusenko wants nothing to do with it. Drop shippers are basically e-commerce brokers. The added value they create is that they offer consumers a range of goods they would otherwise never have seen. A drop shipper, for example, can create an offer on eBay for a Amazon selling item and charge $15 more than the Amazon rate.

eBay users will come across the Dropshippers offer. Every time one of them makes a buy, the drop shipper purchases the Amazon item and has it sent directly to the eBay client. Do you know the stamps you see on Instagram that haven't been around for two week? "It' called brand burners, like a telephone burner," Rusenko says.

Entire sample can cause headaches, especially if a client wants to give back a part. When it is delivered in Amazon package, it is of course that you want to send the item back to Amazon. In this case, however, the initial vendor will eat the costs of the reshipment. People find the whole event frustrating:

Nobody wants to find out that he was paying for it just because a middle man created an eBay offer. An unpleasant customer experiance is a flaw for the real creator's trademark, even if it was not theirs. Fred Ruckel, the founder of the Feline Toys, was afflicted by this in 2016 and could only stop the current of drop-shippers by resisting selling at Amazon (although now his groundbreaking Ripple Rug is back on the site).

However, more and more drop -shippers are purchasing their goods from low-cost market places like Aliexpress. Dropshipping product advertisements are often found on Facebook and Instagram, and shoppers are certainly not told in a proactive manner about all the drawbacks of purchasing from apshippers. These are all contributing elements to a frustrating consumer environment.

Weebly' s goal, according to Rusenko, is to service creatives. Drop-shippers are basically the opposite. He also fears that too many individuals have had poor experience with dropshipping drugs and consider all "Instagram brands" to be below average and not noteworthy. "Rusenko says, "They are putting their own money, their own lives and their own dreams into the development of these singular and stunning creations that the whole planet has never seen before.

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