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Weebly Editor is a lesson in simple UI design. The Weebly Editor and Weebly Mobile Editor On May 2, 2013, Weebly released major upgrades, including a new Weebly Editor and Mobile Editor. Weebly Editor is a significant upgrade over the predecessor release from a technical point of view, giving it a refreshing, contemporary look and feel. Weebly Editor is a new generation of Weebly Editor. Though Weebly hasn' t revealed any new utilities from the point of view of the website structure, the screws and screws (they call these website structure parts "elements"), they have added two new functions that we are very enthusiastic about (Site Planner and Mobile Editor).

We' ve received a number of miscellaneous reports about this move of the menubar, as some Weebly editors have preferred them to stand at the top horizontal (as in the old editor), so they have a broader display to work with when creating their web sites. A few user find the re-design with the vertically arranged menubar on the right very good.

We don't care, especially since the function of the components stays the same. In this way, all existing website components (elements) are shifted to the new editor so that the way you create your website the same. Here you can see a short clip of our new Weebly-Editor, which we have put together for you:

One of the most important results is that sometimes web site visitors can't fully develop their website, they don't have a clear assault agenda to help them reach their targets. So, what's Weebly doing? You have integrated a Site Planner feature into your editor, which helps the user to help a little with the scheduling of website development.

Innovation in the meaning that Weebly helps its customers proactively to be successful, which we did not see with the other website creators. We' ll go beyond what the Site Planner looks like and our thoughts in the above movie (in section 1 New User Interface). From our point of views, the new Weebly Mobile Editor is the greatest innovation in this release.

This allows you to see a real glimpse of how your website is viewed by your users with their cellphone. In the Weeblyobile Editor you can move, pan or erase all items directly, and the changes are synced directly with the editor on the screen (the non-portable editor). Well - Whatever you add/remove to the Desk Editor or the Portable Editor, both will be synced, so you don't have to modify the Desk Editor first, but rather do the same modification in the Portable Editor (and the other way around).

Poor - you won't have a real, fully featured portable editor that allows you to build a custom portable design for your Weebly website, as any changes you make to the editor on your screen will also affect the portable editor. The ability to have a dedicated, stand-alone portable editor allows you to customize the portable viewing experience to meet the needs of your audience without compromising the user's desktops.

Here is a brief videoclip about our thoughts about the Weebly Moveable Editor: Overall, the Weebly update is very interesting and you can see that they are really focusing on enhancing your experience when you use them as your website builders. Weebly has not only invested heavily in revising and upgrading the UI and Email Editor, but has also developed a Site Planner to help you build a map and achieve your objectives.

Weebly maintains its leadership as one of the market leader in a highly competetive website creation market, not only in terms of usability, but also as one of the simplest ways for anyone to build a website. If you are interested in our in-depth evaluation of Weebly as a website constructor, click here.

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