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Education Weebly - Campus Edition So why should my local schools or districts use Weebly? WEBLY is perfectly suited for the creation of class-room web sites, web e-portfolios of college kids and web sites for project purposes. With our easy-to-use web site designer, our web site is amazingly easy to use and suitable for pupils of all age groups. With Weebly, pupils can be creative by using a wide range of multi-media functions in a secure setting that you manage.

Are it possible to ask students who already use Weebly to join our campus team? Everyone who has an already established education and training bank can be added. Simply use the "Add teacher" field and fill in your details in the appropriate boxes, using the e-mail addresses you used to register your user name.

As soon as you click on the hyperlink in this e-mail, your campus roof will become part of your campus area. As a campus admin, what degree of oversight do I have? If you are a campus admin, you can create additional classes, place tutors in these classes, and allocate pupils to them. If necessary, you can review and change the credentials for your user (s) (e.g. reset passwords) and display the sites each Tutor has set up in their own area.

Which advantages does the Campus Edition have over the purchase of Education Pro account numbers? The Campus Edition is basically a reduced group licence for Education Pro. It is therefore an ideal option if you have a large number of instructors (more than 15) and/or pupils (more than 400). Rather than pay for more than one account, you only need one bill to pay for all your subscribers.

Campus Edition allows you to administer your Tutor and Students email addresses through your admin Dashboard instead of having to keep up with each one. How about faculty who don't have an bank with Weebly? Type your data into the same "Add a Teacher" box described above and an instant login will be generated.

However, you must give these instructors their access data, as no invitations will be sent to them by e-mail. The credentials for all tutors can be printed using the links at the bottom of the School Administrator page. They can also review and modify the credentials for each teacher by selecting their name from the drop-down menu.

May I be a tutor on my own student area? You can, but you must use a different e-mail from the one you used to sign up for your on-campus account. Do Pro-Upgrades contained in the campus edition offer extra functionality or advantages over Education Pro single user licenses?

Campus Pro Upgrades are no different from a Basic Education Pro Money Transfer Money Transfer Money Transfer Money Transfer. Apart from the above discounts and management choices, it offers exactly the same level of expertise for your instructors and their pupils. What can I do to include my student in my campus bankroll? Pupils can be added individually (as with teachers) or in groups.

For the Tutor to which you want to associate the pupils, click the Managing Tutor shortcut. You will see the'Add a Student' icon. Tutors also have full control over the ability to add/manage pupils in their own classrooms, so there is no need to input each pupil individually via the campus administration area.

What do I do to login to my campus area? In order to login to your admin user profile, you must go to http://www.weebly. com/campus and fill in your login details. Use this page only to gain control over your administrative area. If you have a teacher who is part of your student bankroll, please register via http://education.weebly.com/.

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