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Weebly is a free web host that allows teachers and learners to create compelling, stunning Web sites by using their walk-in Web site to create an affiliate site and an application based on a high-impact drag-and-drop theme. When you hear about WordPress, you know what Weebly is.

What distinguishes Weebly? When you are a beginner in website design, begin with Weebly. Otherwise, I have no particular concerns about Weebly.

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What is Weebly for education?

As Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most potent tool to transform the planet. "The people who use this "weapon" the most are educators. However, transforming the outside is not an effortless task, and educators need all the help they can when it comes to training their pupils.

Weebly for Education, a website building utility, could be just the thing to help in today's online age. Whether you are a tutor who wants to provide your pupils with invaluable abilities they can use in this contemporary, technology-driven environment, or you want to involve your pupils' families in the education experience from the convenience of your home, read on.

Well, Weebly for Education has something for you. How is Weebly for education? The Weebly for Education is an cutting-edge technology that connects the home with the class-room via the Web. Enriching the learner's own experiences, it helps educators and pupils create their own education pages to engage with each other on-line.

These sites allow educators to exchange teaching materials and lessons that can be accessed by pupils and parent from anywhere, anytime, and pupils can post tasks and shared tasks that can be accessed by educators from anywhere, anytime. The Weebly for Education software has a user-friendly and easy-to-use graphical environment that will delight both teacher and student alike.

On the Weebly website, educators can post lectures, exchange photographs, video and various educational materials, and announce (and if desired download) reading update for pupils and adults. Pupils will enjoy not only studying their classes at home, but also how to create their own class-related website!

What makes you think Weebly should be used by educators? At Weebly for Education, we help educators make it easy for their pupils to study classroom materials and present their work to them. Using Weebly for education can help teachers: What are the educational benefits of Weebly for pupils? The majority of pupils enjoy being inventive and creating their own website.

Weebly for Education will have fun for the students: Learn how to create a website while studying teaching materials. Isn' it easier to use Weebly for education? The Weebly for Education site features an easy-to-understand, highly interactive timetable that allows instructors and learners to quickly browse and create their own website. In contrast to other websites or blogs, Weebly is completely drag-and-drop available.

On the " Pages " page, you can...well, insert one or more web pages, such as a teacher customizable classes info page or a student customizable e-portfolio. On the Design page, you can browse and customise a variety of topics and colour schemes, and choose from a range of typefaces.

This means that the user can simply refresh and retrieve their web sites (e.g. teachers' curricula, teaching announcement or class-blogs; or students' e-portfolios or homework) at any time and from anywhere there is an online link. The Weebly for Education program is also particularly well suited to assist educators in managing their pupil list.

Once a teacher has created a Weebly Class-room website, all they need to do is sign up their pupils. Weebly then generates individual log-in information (user name and password) for each pupil, which the teacher can printout and send to them for storage. And, if necessary, a teacher can refresh a student's passwords if they are forgotten, or remove a student's website if he or she ever exits.

Weebly for Education also offers a chargeable feature named Per for extra functionality, which can be subscribed to by a teacher for an annual charge. Per season offers the following to pupils and teachers: There is also the possibility for teachers: For both free and per class season tickets, instructors can register up to 40 pupils.

There is also a small surcharge per pupil, although you must register at least 10 more pupils (even if you only wanted to register once). Will you start your Weebly for Education website? Weebly for Education is a free software for the education needs of your students. If you are a tutor who has just begun looking for an on-line learning environment for your classes, sign up for the free Weebly for Education edition and test its functionality.

You' ll quickly notice that Weebly is not just a place to present class-related information and notices. Rather, it is also a strong instrument to foster deep learners' understanding by encouraging them to present their projects and e-portfolios in a creative way and to involve each other in meaningful on-line feedbacks. But if you've been around for a while and now want you and your pupils to be able to post several web sites with several web pages that can record bigger filesize and present higher value sound and videofiles, then go to Pro.

Pupils and parent use certain web sites? So, teacher, sign up and see where Weebly for Education is taking you and your pupils. It will be more enjoyable to learn and present class-related materials as everyone will learn to create and customise their own web sites.

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