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To create an email account that uses your domain name The majority of those who are new to web designing and just explore how to launch a blogs don't really know the skills that are free with their domains, so they don't exploit them. I too began to use my own email for my website, but very soon I realized the importance and need for something more than this.

Do not use the free email address with your free web site hostings? The use of email address like will look much more proffesional than the email you send to username@yourdomainname.com - and best of all, it's free! Ultimately, if you have spent your way to owning a real estate, you should buy from at least one real estate agent who provides email redirection for your email address (we favor Godaddy).

They can also generate a domains email adress from the panel provided to you by your host provider - they also supply at least one free email adress for your accounts. Whats email forwarder? Forward email is a function that can redirect inbound email to a domains email accounts, such as john@gmail.com., or forward it to another email location, such as john@gmail.com.

E-mail redirection is the simplest way to create a new e-mail message without having to modify your e-mail client. Redirected email adresses are sometimes referred to as "aliases". John in our example has an e-mail adress with gmail-gmail-john@gmail.com. He' just bought the Domainname Widgets.com and created a redirection policy that "reads":

Wherever an email arrives at sales@widgets.com, forward it to john@gmail.com. is an "alias" for in this case because all emails go to the same Gmail number. Lots of service allow the creation of hundred of redirection policies or nicknames. It could make redirection policies for support@widgets.com, questions@widgets.com, complaints@widgets.com, and so on, and have them all redirected to john@gmail.com.

When John is adding people, he can modify the routing rule to go to other email addresss-you can have as many nicknames as you want that point to the same target email. Here I show you how to set up a new email site like and how to add to your Gmail inbox.

In this way, you can simply email and recieve email from the Gmail surface, but your client will see the email as from your domains email inbox. First, we will see how to generate the email addresses of the domains. Secondly, we will include this email in your Gmail email client. In the E-mail section, click E-mail Accounts.

Type the detail for your new poker room and click Create poker room as shown here. Create your own account. "Your bank will be displayed on the same page. Now, all e-mails sent to will be sent to your private e-mail email addresses. Log in to your Gmailccount. Navigate to Option, then to Mail Settings, then click Accounts and Imports.

Select Send mail as and click Next e-mail you have. Enter your information in the pop-up that pops up, insert the new e-mail to the domain you just registered, and then click Next. If you click Send Verification, a confirmation email will be sent to your outbox. Now click on Compose e-mail and view the changes you have made in actions.

Hopefully these are clear enough for you to be able to create your own email account.

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