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Creating Aliases of an Email Address - Weebly Help Center Each email address you created for the suite contains up to 30 Aliases. What's an assumed name? As the name implies, an email alias allows you to retrieve and deliver email from up to 30 different user names from the same mailbox. Suppose you are creating such an e-mail address:

They can also make nicknames for this address, such as contact@mydomain.com, sales@mydomain.com, and upto28otherthings@mydomain.com. What is the difference between an email address and an email address? The difference is that all mails sent to an email address are just routed to the original email address. The above example forwards the email sent to contact@mydomain.com or sales@mydomain.com to the email address of me@mydomain.com.

That makes aliases comfortable for a lone individual who wants more than one address, but it doesn't help if you need email address for different individuals, since the nicknames all use the same mailbox. In order to set up a completely new email address with its own mailbox, you want to buy another account (which would also have its own 30 aliases options).

Begin by going to the G Suite tabs in your dashboard. Then, find the e-mail address for which you want to insert your Aliases, click and hold down your mouse pointer on Click your e-mail address, then click your mouse pointer on the e-mail address for which you want to insert your e-mail address, and then click Next Alias: Choose Next Alias, and then type your new e-mail address in the field provided. When you want more than one (remember that you can have up to 30 per email account), simply click the right click Create Alert and then click Submit when you're done.

You can always see your grand total on the email page in your affiliate and you can click on the number to see those nicknames and more. They should work immediately, but there should be up to an hours for Google to upgrade their server. Every email sent to an Alias is displayed in the mailbox of the email accounts to which the Alias is associated.

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