Weebly Email Domain

Webly email domain

Once you have verified that you own your domain, you can start using it. Include a Google supported email in your domain! Emails with your domain give you immediate credence and promote your mark with every news you post. The addition of the Email powered by Google email feature will combine your domain name with the full functionality of Gmail and the advantages of the Google Apps Suite such as calendaring, retention and messaging.

Now you can administer your website and your e-mails in one place! The Google Apps for Business typically cost $50 per user per year, but we offer a 10% discount launching offer and a free 15-day evaluation to make sure this is right for you. Check out e-mail for free! Zero set-up required - We take good care of everything for you so it's really fast and simple to get your email up and running. What's more, we've got your email in your hands.

Aliases are alternate addresses (e.g. contact@company.com) that send your main email adress ( you@company.com ) by email. Administer your website and emails in one place - Make your daily routine easier by administering everything directly from Weebly. Take your email anywhere - Get the comfort of being able to read and reply to your email from any computer or phone.

Gain immediate trustworthiness - A brand-name email addresses gives you a little something special and creates confidence with prospective clients. Get the full Google Apps experience - along with email, you get a central calendaring, space, and messaging. When you are satisfied with your latest set-up, you don't need to do anything.

Be sure that your email set-up will still work as it always has. Find out more about emails supported by Google or ask us a help request from the Help Center.

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