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Ensure that you have access to the associated email address of the domain. There a confirmation e-mail will be sent. When your website is hosted by Weebly, but you purchased your domain name from another domain name, use the instructions for that domain name.

Creating an Email Address - Weebly Help Center

G Suite has teamed up with Weebly to offer a full email solutions for youromainname. It' simple to get up and running - just go to the G Suite page in your G Suite bankroll. Type the user name you want for your email and use the drop-down list to choose the domainname you want to use.

Please be aware that your domains must be referred to Weebly or bought from Weebly in order to login to G Suite through your Weebly accounts. Select a username and click the Buy icon to make payment. Next, you should login so you can accept Google's Acceptable Use Policy and start using your Google Accounts.

Press the Sign In Now Buttons, and then click the instructions to sign in to your new sign-in on the next page. You must accept two different General Conditions, but once you have done so you will be in your newly created mailbox. In the future, you can login to this mailbox by going to gmail.com or mail.google.com/a/yourdomainhere.com (don't forgetĀ  to change the name of your own domain!).

Alternatively, you can login to your email box directly from the Go to Suite tabs in your Weebly client using the Go to In-box convenience. It is possible that you will see a warning to accept the usage conditions in your App Administrator when you checkout your own App Suite for the first purpose after registration.

And if so, simply click on the shortcut, login (with the same login and password), and then go through the prompt at the top of the Administrative Control Panel display - it only lasts a second, and you're completely up. There are also some other practical operations you can do on the G-Suite page in your Weebly accounts, such as modifying your login name (rename users), modifying your passwords, and creating your own nicknames.

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