Weebly Email not working

The Weebly e-mail does not work

E-Mail does not work - Weebly Community So why doesn't Weebly email me asking me to extend my email? Do you want to extend it with your billing information? Makes my company look poor and non-professional when my customers try to write me an email and get an errormessage instead. At the same the Weebly makes me look ill and non-professional.

This would be such a easy way to send an automated dunning e-mail to me, or even easier to have an automated invoice payment. What I had to find out was that the email associated with my domainname came from a customer who had tried it and couldn't get through to me.

Fortunately, this customer also had my telephone information and was able to contact me this way, but I have no way of telling how many customers I was losing due to this problem. I' m going to email the group I belong to here in the San Francisco area and see if the other entrepreneurs have this problem with their e-commerce platforms vendors.

I do not receive my submissions! What's wrong with that? - Weebly Help Center

Submitting a Contacts Information Request will send the information you enter in this request information to the email associated with the request. What should you do if you do not receive the e-mails? Be sure to review your junk mail or spamming files first if your message is forwarded to them. When you see the message in your spamming directory, flag it as "No spamming" using the options provided by your email service providers.

In this way, it is prevented that forms are returned to the spamming area. So if you don't see it there, make sure you have the right adress for your application. Click on your template item and then on the Shape Options pushbutton. Verify the email addresses displayed in the "Email to" box to make sure they are typed properly.

It is also possible to have the forms sent to more than one recipient by dividing each recipient by a single comb. You can use this to see if the email is sent to one email or not. The delivery of forms e-mails can be difficult and there are some instances where the e-mails can be fully locked.

When you can't find the message in your inbox or spam folder and believe that the message is really not arriving, it's best to change to a different email destination entirely (preferably a service like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail). You can also display and administer your forms message directly in your site dashboard from your site dashboard.

You will see a window that shows all your message sent to your contact and you can click on the message to view detailed information and administer the message. As a result, all emails sent to you via one of the emails on this website will be displayed. Even by clicking the Import All button, you can import all these news into a spread sheet.

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