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Use Facebook Social Plugins - Weebly Community Weebly Facebook has a number of practical plug-ins that you can use on your Weebly website, although it is not immediately apparent where or what they are. I will show this article with the Facebook Page plug-in. It' a really practical way to embed the Facebook page time line and event into a page on your Weebly site.

First of all, go to this page in the Facebook Developers Area. You will see a basic blank that you will need to fill out to create all the coding you need. For this example, I used Weebly's Facebook page, typed in a width and hight, and enabled/disabled everything else that worked for what I wanted. It would be recommended to disable the Customize to plug-in containers width checkbox.

When you have typed everything as you wish, click the icon to create your own customization. You will see two different pieces of coding. Copying the first part of the source file, then going to the publisher and pasting it into an embed source at the top of the page where you want to have your feedback.

Go back to Facebook and copy the lower part of the password. If you are adding a second embed coded item on the same page you just added, just make sure that this item is below the one on the page.

Link to Facebook advertising - Weebly Help Center

Facebook ad aggregation integrated into Promote makes it easy to target a particular audiences and you can track almost every facet of your ad campaign from your inbox. Start by clicking the Ads links in the side bar and clicking the buttons to join Facebook. You must login to your Facebook accounts and authorize the necessary authorizations.

Choose the page you want to use (or if you don't have one, make a new page), and then click Bill to setup a paymentmethod. Facebook will handle this stage, but once you've established your account, you can quickly return to that page by clicking the Manage link on the Promote ad page.

Click Abort to do this later if you are not willing to post it now, but don't forgive coming back and finishing it - this is necessary to synchronize your product with Facebook. After you' ve got it all up and running, read our guidelines for building a Facebook advertising drive in Promote!

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