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Weak feedback

Rananked the best free feedback form for Weebly: Simply add a feedback form plugin to your Weebly website in minutes. Produktbewertungen - Weebly Help Center Customer ratings are a good way to inspire trust among potential purchasers and improve their buying prospects. When you are in the business plans or higher, you can activate this function on the Shop page under Products. Select Activate, and then select how long you want to delay sending a rating inquiry to clients.

If you don't want to spend so long waiting to ask your clients for an evaluation, what can you do? On the Order Details page, you can submit a query for any order placed in the last 30 workdays. So if you don't see the options immediately, go back to the Products section and deactivate your ratings to activate them again.

Then you should see the options on the Order Details page. As soon as you have made a query, your client will be sent an e-mail requesting him to rate the products. Once the feedback has been sent, the client receives a notification informing him that his feedback has been sent and that the shopkeeper has yet to approve it.

You will find all ratings posted in the Products section of the shop page, and you can search them by category or by products. Please click on a reviewer to view the full text of the comments and either accept or decline it. Authorized ratings are shown on the appropriate products page. When you choose to decline a rating, it will not appear on the products page and the client will not be informed of the refusal.

Regardless of whether you are approving or rejecting a score, you can respond to the client directly on the Audit Detail page. When your answer is open to the world, it appears on the products page below the customer's comment. Clients can rank posted reviewer by recent time or by ratings (low to high or high to low).

If you get a poor rating, what happens? Obtaining a poor rating might be a good thing to say, but you should consider authorizing your customers' rating criticism rather than against it. Adverse feedback provides a more comprehensive image for prospective purchasers and adds credence to your company - after all, a good rating might seem a little bit suspect.

Poor ratings also give you a good chance to show everyone that you are interested in and listening to your clients. Answer the questions to let lucky camper know you're ready to work with them to put things right!

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