Weebly File Upload Form

Upload Weebly File Form

You can now accept file uploads from your website visitors! Simply drag the "File Upload" field into a form and you can instantly accept images, documents or whatever you want through your website. In the sidebar, select "Add new file(s)" and upload your files. Per users can add a button for uploading files to the contact form. - Click and drag the Mapping Form Web item to the white workspace.

Some new form functions: Pre-defined Options & File Uploads!

We' ve fitting brought out any new increase to the body part that we believe you faculty kind. Pre-defined options: If you collect information from your website users, you probably want to ask frequently asked question such as "How old are you", "How happy are you" or "Where do you come from? We' ve added a new function named "predefined options" that makes asking these question very simple.

One click is all it takes to insert all the appropriate items into your form. Upload file field: You can now approve file up-loads from your website users! Simply drop the "File Upload" box into a form and you can immediately approve images, docs or whatever you want through your website.

Because of the amount of disk usage required to accept many file up-loads from your website users, we have made this function available to our per-user members. Like always we appreciate your help from Weebly!

Possibility that clients upload a file in the products....

Creation form with contacts and file upload. This form confirms the choice of colour, amount, etc. to our clients. This works for some people, but we get more clients who don't go through the till than we get in the sale.

A number of issues have been identified: 1. the client is obliged to input the information twice, once at the first form and file upload and then again at the check out. There is no file upload time in the file upload tool, so the client does not know if the file is actually up-loaded.

My pages require bigger size so my many of our site visitors give up to think that the upload doesn't work. Upload file timing is a basic function that Weebly did not implement. Please send me a feedback form and our Weebly representative will send you a message. I' ve just tried to add a file upload to the order acknowledgement email, as suggested in other postings, but I have come to the conclusion that this is not a sensible workaround.

There is a section in the standard order acknowledgement email named "Download Information" that cannot be canceled. So you can upload a file, but this only creates a confusion and is not a true answer. I' ve made three pages in Weebly that all need file upgrades for customer specific orders. Looks like it's a good idea to consider a more rugged rig, as Weebly doesn't seem interested in responding to the increasing demand for customised solutions.

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