Weebly for Android

Veebly for Android

With Weebly for Android, it's easy to create and manage websites directly from your tablet. http://www.weebly.com/ Weebly for Android is free. Quickly download the latest version of Weebly for Android:


More than 50 million artist, creators and entrepreneur have already built a website or shop with Weebly. Take the liberty of creating, launching and expanding your on-line shop or website directly from your mobile telephone or tray, wherever and whenever you want. Share your own stories and make your own with Weebly.

Mobile and Tablet functions: Make your own shop online: Design your website: - Easily set up and maintain your shop from anywhere.

Android' Weebly is here! Modify and organize websites directly from your Android Tablet

With today's publication of Weebly for Android, the nice, natively created portable web sites on your Android tray has become real. The Weebly for Android makes it simple to build and maintain Web sites directly from the spreadsheet. Developed for Android 7-inch and above, Weebly for Android offers thrilling new media designs that take full advantage of Android 5.0 Lollipop technologies.

Seeking to house a broad variety of equipment, Weebly for Android works on Android version 4.0 and above. Watch the movie below to see some of the natives in action. Click here to view the movie. Our goal is to make the development and administration of high-quality portable websites simple and available to everyone. Whatever your equipment or site, you should be able to create a website creating experiance that is enjoyable, intuitively and powerfully.

We are proud that Weebly for Android can help bring these stories to life. WEBLY for Android higlights and features: Modify any website you create with Weebly. Rearrange items, capture images, manipulate text, add new contents, and more! We' re looking forward to hear from you about your expertise in creating and managing sites on Android trays.

Now with Weebly natively available on Android and iPad, we are hoping that everyone, everywhere, can now do more with their great great Ideas!

Android' Weebly is here!

We are very pleased to announce Weebly for Android in our portable application series. Now you have the liberty to pose in your blogs and administer your website while you are on the move with your Android equipment. Just like our 5-star iPhone application, the new Android application provides everything you need to keep up with your blogs and website from anywhere:

Get Weebly for Android and let us know what you think!

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