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If it'?s right for you? Weebly for Hosts is a new product, and with the introduction of Weebly for Hosts, there is no doubt that developers will attract even more users.

Any core packages & multiple integration options

Web site builders with over 30 million unique visitors, Weebly for Hosts, Inc. today unveiled Weebly for Hosts, a web hosting and registrar suite that enables web hosts to deliver an easy-to-use, Weebly-based Web site building experience and a full e-commerce trading experience to their client bases. That message comes just a few week after the announcement of Weebly for Enterprises.

WEBLY has also been chosen as a preferred choice for Website Builder Critic specific cover. A lot of website hosters already have their own website builder alongside WordPress to help them build new webpages. It is Weebly's aim to provide its services in the same way. In addition to posting their customers' Web pages through Weebly, Web site hosters have the ability to provide their clients with Weebly's key bundles, which include free, start-up, per account and corporate account bundles.

As a result, the client saves costs and a new source of income for the hosts. Requiring minimum IT deployment and administration by hosted clients, Weebly for Hosts is a turn-key offering with a centralised desktop that allows hosts to authorise and assign employees, and extensive client service from Weebly.

Includes Weebly for Hosts features: The user can simply build and modify websites by selecting from a wide range of compelling topics and incorporating pre-built components such as text, pictures, button icons, contacts form, cards and video to post within a few moments on-line. A number of options for integrating hosts: WebBly for Hosts comes with full supported interfaces for Application Programming Interface (API), Panel and WHMCS (will be available soon), making it easy to integrate WebBly for Hosts into your legacy IT infrastructure, allowing you to bring WebBly Site Designer to your site quickly and simply.

Kernel vulnerability packs offer a number of product options: Weebly' main client packs can be resold by hosts, which include free, starter, pro and business subscriptions, enabling them to serve a broad range of clients, from single blog posts to high-volume e-commerce websites. High-performance, versatile cross-selling triggering enables hosts to make clients familiar with Weebly's services and update their bank statements as requirements evolve.

Hosted on the clients side: With Weebly for Hosts, hosters can store customer Web site stats on their own server so they can directly interact with their clients and administer accounts with them. The Endurance International Group and Namecheap.com are two recent clients of Weebly for Hosts. Weebly' Chief Executive Officer and co-founder David Rusenko commented on the publication of Weebly for Hosts:

"We' re very pleased to open the Weebly website serving company website serving solution and make the simple website building process available to a wider public of tens of millions of people. With Weebly for Enterprises, we last months introduced Weebly for Enterprises, which allows us to customise Weebly and use our CMS to make our staff and clients more scalable. Available to web hosters of all scales, Weebly for Hosts is based on the same technologies as Weebly's recently launched, open source business suite.

The website packs are available in 15 different language versions, among them English, French and French. Weebly for Hosts is a web site for companies interested in Weebly for Hosts. If you are representing a web site provider interested in Weebly for Hosts, please visit the Weebly web site. And, of course, you can discover more about Weebly through our CMS directory.

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