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Set up email on your domain: e-mail hosting service If you start your company on-line, you need a domainname (yes, even if you only run Etsy and don't have your own website). Print your own domains on your visiting card to help clients have confidence in you. Now you can be on Etsy, but if you always give your domainname to your friends, you can move later without messing with anyone (or republishing anything).

E-mail to youromain. Consumers want to see emails from the domains they ordered from and emails to a free email service or your own PSP that at best look bewildering and at worse can look like fraud. A few domains will overwhelm you with countless advertisements, some too expensive, and some have hard to use management features.

As soon as you have a real estate account, you can configure it to point to your Etsy store, your storeify store, your WordPress.com page, or simply open a simple tooltip page to inform about you. So, once you have your domainname, you will want to setup emails. When you' re not using web hostings, you may be asking yourself what is the best way to just setup email.

We also recommended the WP engine for WordPress webcasting. None of these two ministries offer email, which looks like a bum at first, but turns out to be a boon in misfortune. So if you've had a website and domainname for a while, I'm sure you've had your fair share of email problems, especially if you use cheap websharing.

If email is seen as an add-on, it is often badly done, with poor services, poor tooling and disappointing client care. If you work with specialized vendors, you can have your store serviced by e-commerce professionals and your email serviced by email professionals. So if you register for a web host that doesn't provide an email experience, how do you get email in your area?

If your registry can deliver email, but if not, here are some choices. Apps for your domain: Use Google Apps to create new email accounts for youromainname. That means Google Apps takes automatic responsibility for send, receive and save jobs. When this is in place, you can use Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail or any other email clients for your new email address.

Here is a general outline of what Google Apps is for your domain. When you use Google Apps for your domain, a seperate Gmail email will be created that does not exchange anything with your current Gmail emailccount. Find out more about Google Apps here. ZooHo: You might be interested in using the Zoo email services with calendars, assignments, notes, and more.

Gmail: To use this approach, you need web or email housing, as opposed to the above mentioned option. And if you already have email with your hosts, but you' re a fan of the Gmail feature or user experience, here's how to make your email run through Gmail. When you have an existent Gmail email that you want to use to register your new email, you can use the Mail Fetcher: How to delete the "in the name of" that is sometimes displayed in sent email headers:

Do you have a question about e-mail housing? Do you have any queries about domain names, e-mails, etc.?

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