Weebly free Review

WEBLY free review

WEBLY is a good choice for an all-inclusive website builder. Many compromises have been made in the use of an all-inclusive Website Builder, but if this is the way to go, then Weebly is a good choice. I' ve chosen a free Weebly subdomain. There you will get your first glimpse of the Weebly Dashboard.

WEBLY Review 2018 | Advantages and disadvantages of using Weebly

The PROS - Easy to use, wide range of choices and layouts, extended functions, incl. the use of displays to monetise a website, quick reaction of the helpdesk. cons - free choice is finite, preset styles have some adjustments, but not everywhere. WEBLY is a web building tool developed for those who have little technological know-how but a strong wish for a well organised website.

It allows a simple website, shop or blogs with schedules that range from free to a full $19.54/month businessplan. Websites can be reduced to the easiest text and pictures or complemented with enhanced functions such as Google AdWords, forum and polls, and keyword fields to name a few.

Although it's conceived to be straightforward, is Weebly really that straightforward to setup? Is the functionality too restricted to keep the site straight? Running a test with a new Weebly website showed that while the system is straightforward to use, the functionality is still quite progressive. Registering for a Weebly Moneybookers Gift Certificate Money Account will take just a few seconds.

Includes a Weebly email adress, or you can charge an extra charge to include your own. com (purchased elsewhere). Select whether you want a free or paying subscription and Weebly will ask you to select one of three kinds of websites that you select with care because you can't go back and modify it later.

Site, Stores and Blogs are the choices. Website is the only automatic home page setup you have - even if you want a shop or blogs, this works best for most, because other users lead directly to a shop window or blogs. You can add a shop and/or blogs simply, no matter what your choice is.

There are many different designs to chose from, among them many advanced features, and most of them are customisable to a certain degree. Headers are added auto-generated on the basis of the layout - but can be given a logotype instead of plain text if desired. The Weebly is a page designer; page items are located in a side bar on the far right and creating the page is as simple as pulling those items to the desired location on the page (or even pulling a distance bar where nothing should appear on the page).

Plain items such as text and pictures can be found on the Basics page, as well as an ability to add your own HTML if you are a more experienced HTML expert. You can customize text fields with all common text formats, but instead of a type format, only "+" and "-" are available.

If you don't have your own pictures, they are available directly via the Weebly website, although they are not available in the slide show function. My favourite is that while you upload your own pictures, you can still work on the page while your data is being loaded, unlike some systems where you have to keep the picture windows open.

It' quite easy to create a single page, but addition of extended functions is also easy. Again, everything is drag-and-drop, and you' ll be asked to fill in all the necessary information as you add it. Following what we have seen so far from Weebly, the furnishing of a shop window front is also quite easy.

Together with the addition of a base descriptor and pricing, you can set a selling rate (optional) and include additional items such as sizes and colors. Shop window front designs are clear, contemporary and adaptable. There are many enhanced shop window choices, including the ability to create customized email and order confirmation that can be sent to clients. Most of the functionality, however, is not available without an upgrade to the Enterprise plan, which is approximately $20 per monthly.

To use Weebly for a website without the IBP, you must include the delivery charges in the pricing of the item. It is not perfect to use the free Weebly edition for setting up a web shop without the possibility to define delivery costs (or selling your own e-commerce products).

Obviously, most webshop sites aren't free (and most companies want at least the $3.29/month budget to create a web site that doesn't contain ". weebly") - but it's something you should consider before registering. Joining a blogs to the website is as easy as creating a web page and uses a similar theme system.

Contrary to the normal text options, drag and drop of a blogs entry added items such as the date and a comment area as well. You can customize which items are added to a posting in the preferences. Adding Weebly's help system to your easy plattform gives you a fairly good prescription for a programme that even the technologically disabled can use.

Found the site easy enough to use that I didn't have any urgent issues, but to try out their help centre, I still sent an e-mail (and asked how to set up a web shop without the free delivery option). Weebly is a website developed for the unexperienced that provides a fast, frustration-free website.

After designing a few web pages, I was able to make a simple test page in less than an hours. Different choices allow you to build a wide range of different web pages, such as a weblog or shop, or a web site that has both a shop and a weblog.

WEBLY is a website creator that is perfectly suited for the novice; easy to use, has a wide range of choices and template choices, and provides many enhanced website functions.

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