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Unlocked Games - UNBLOCKED GAMES Were you ever in a position where your college or your local media center totally block your favourite games? Because I know I did, and it's not much of a pleasure at all to look for games that aren't locked up forever. I' m here to tell you that your quest is over, for the games you've been looking for are here at iUnblock.Weebly.com On this page you can find hundred of your favourite games, as well as some other Flash-based ones you might get used to!

There are many ways you can view the unlocked games. One of the most favorite decisions are games like these: The Happy Wheels is a 2-D race car where you have several different players and your goal is to get to the end of a tailor-made card.

The Geometry Dash is an Addictive jumping arcade of obstacles! Just like the cell phone puzzle games, you' re matching sweets and striving for the best scores in this superb crazy puzzle-puzzler. In Call of Duty, put your sniper abilities to the test and scroll through the scenery as you fire at foes who shoot at you!

In Run 3, an unbelievably funny puzzle in which you run through a colourful pipe in the room and avoid perforations and fragile decks as you manoeuvre through this never-ending tunnels. Have you ever wanted to download and enjoy the Super Smash Bros on your own computer for free? The Super Smash Flash offers you an adventure like that of a genuine flash card player!

A more sophisticated rendition of the originals, Super Smash Flash 2 features many upgrades and graphic enhancements for this already funny little warrior. If I said that I don't want to play this pack anymore, I would lie to Ear to Die 2. bloons Tower Defence, ce difficile jeu de defence de tour vous permet de vous prot├ęger contre le plus mortel des ennemis : les ballons.

Superfighter, This massively addictive fighting arcade match is great for gaming with your mates. As the name suggests, The World's Hardlest 3 is the toughest title in the whole wide range, a trivia with almost everything you can imagine inside! Bombing It, This puzzle solver is about planting a bomb and blasting things up!

Try on Top, A match made to be toyed with a boyfriend, both of you joystick characters, trying to turn the other one upside down! Legends ofketball, compete as your favourite 2-D bobblehead baseball stars and take them to tournaments or take them on-line for a slam-dunk fest!

Gimme Give Up, a provocative platform player that will tell you to give up... but will you let it tell you what to do? Uphhill Rush is an exciting draft racer in which you'll do amazing hill moves and perfect landings to get your boost up! A new and enhanced rendition of the originals and its five other installments, Bom It 7 grabs a larger caboom than before!

QWOP, Do you feel like you're a professional videogame player? Just like its forerunner, Call of Duty 2, COD 2 leads you once again through the field of battle to shoot away the villains with your reliable assault gun. The Bomb It 6, another highlight in the Bomb It range, with many upgrade to the originals!

Winhack your ex, warning, this is a very graphical one. Switch 2 in the game relates to gravity. Embroider your ball, this ball basket gives you a little more punch than your right or your left, and it has tonnes of power-ups! Trajectory, This trajectory requires some serious geometries to be mastered!

Take the gun of a gum ducktail and fire at locals on the beach in Ray Wars 2! Here are just a few of the many games available! Explore our online games room to see everything we have in stock to show you the released games! Do you have any problem with one of the above games or more?

Would you like to suggest a match to be published on the website? Take advantage of the huge unlocked games library to pass the day while you are waiting for your studies to be over!

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