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In addition to physical, digital and service products, you can also offer gift certificates. The cards do not incur any additional fees and never expire. Weebly Gift Certificates can be created just like any other product. I'm looking for information on the use of square gift cards and a weak online store.

Everything about Gift Cards - Weebly Help Center

In addition to offering physic, electronic and services items, you can also provide gift certificates. Customers can buy a certain amount of cards and the cards are sent by e-mail to the addressee, who can then cash them in at your shop. The cards do not cause any extra charges and never run out. Please note: Gift cards have local effects.

Some states, for example, demand that dealers charge the state for empty gift cards after a certain number of years. When you are planning to sell gift cards, it is in your best interest to talk to a specialist about the sale and management of gift cards. Gift certificates are created as items in your shop.

Choose which pieces you want to provide and configure them as your production option. Instead of displaying the default products page, when a client selects a gift certificate from your shop, they are redirected to a page where they can choose an amount, enter originator and receiver information, and personalize their messages.

Gift vouchers are added to the shopping basket once, similar to other categories. Please note: Gift Certificates cannot be used by consumers when buying Gift Certificates. Once the order is completed, you will be sent an e-mail and the buyer will be sent an order acknowledgement containing the gift certificate detail.

You will receive a seperate e-mail with the gift voucher detail. The e-mail contains a 12-digit unambiguous identifier used by the receiver during the ordering process in your shop. Beneficiaries can verify the credit limit of the map by following the links in the e-mail and typing in their codes and e-mail addresses.

Beneficiaries who make purchases in your business have the opportunity to use the credit cards for payments during the check-out process. Fill in the coupon number and use it for your order. You can pay the rest using other means that your online merchant will accept. Weebly will process the reimbursement and return the amount to the same voucher if the receiver sends back goods purchased with a voucher.

When another transaction has been used in connection with the Gift Certificate (i.e. the amount refunded is greater than the initial amount carded), the amount refunded will be credited first to that transaction and the balance to the Gift Certificate. Beneficiary will receive a reimbursement e-mail indicating that the funds have been returned to the creditor.

Gift certificates are managed on the same page where you created them. Gift cards on this page are displayed in the gift cards chart. From here you can see the balances of each map. It is possible to extract the gift voucher progress to a CSV document. a gift voucher parcel, gift voucher parcels, gift vouchers made out.

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