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Take advantage of the power of Google Apps with professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video conferencing, and more. Google Apps bring Weebly to over 20 million entrepreneurs - making it simpler than ever to launch a business online and administer it from one place.

Today, the website building services company announces that it has partnered with Google to offer businesses tailor-made e-mail and full Google Apps suites accessibility, complete with Google Calendar, Google Drive and Google Hangouts. By introducing the Google Apps suites, Weebly enables website builders and shopkeepers to immediately increase their credentials and establish their brands with every e-mail they deliver, while providing the ability to manage everything from one place.

In seconds, a user can receive an e-mail that corresponds to their website location, enabling them to build and promote a coherent experience for their clients, readership and traffic. Google Apps is now available at Weebly.com as a free 15-day evaluation version, after which it can be bought for $50/year.

Everything Weebly set up for you is automatic, so it's really fast and simple to get your e-mail to work. Administer your website & e-mail in one place: You can now start saving your precious amount of money by administering your entire web site directly from your Weebly affiliate card. E-mail, contact and calendars are available from any computer or your cell telephone.

Instantly build credibility: A trademarked e-mail addresses shows you're serious about what you're doing and inspires confidence among prospective clients. Support your business and build your brand: Emails that match your website adress are an integrated part of your web site trademark and help ensure a unified and professionally designed appearance.

Being a company, you have to have a website and a suitable e-mail adress. If you don't have a suitable e-mail account, every interaction with your clients will miss an opportunities to build a franchise. The Google Apps is available for domainnames acquired directly from Weebly as well as for external domainnames associated with Weebly.

Weebly is a San Francisco-based convenience store that enables billions of individuals to simply make a website they are proud of. Humans can set up their own businesses, selling on-line, presenting their services and communicating with them in a reflective and sustainable way. At Weebly, we give everyone the liberty to make a high end website that works great on your computer, phone and tablet.

At Weebly, we offer a variety of price choices, among which a free subscription and $4 to $29 per month free subscription. Over 140 million uniquely qualified users now visit over 20 million Weebly Web pages each month. Sequoia Capital, Baseline Ventures, Ron Conway and Y Combinator are the private investors in Weebly.

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