Weebly Hack

The Weebly Hack

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At Weebly, Hack is confirmed; Foursquare account numbers in the region of million are also compromised.

A different date, a different hack. Both Weebly and Foursquare are the latest in a long line of technology firms to be investigated for their safety practice. The LeakedSource site, which provides information about violations, published information about the assaults on Thursday in a weblog entry that explains what went on. Over 43.4 million bank balances were robbed in the February assault.

Lost password was saved using a powerful password encryption system, named crypt. One of the company's statements confirms the violation. "and at this point we are not aware either that or that any information that may be used for billing fraud was part of this incident."

Said the organization that it notifies clients and works to trigger passwords reset and requests. Also, the Notice Page posted detail of what it calls a violation of the quadrilateral. It is not known when Foursquare, a local check-in point, was assaulted, but the group claimed that more than 22.5 million bank books were taken because of the supposed violation.

In another example given to us, each data set contains an e-mail message, first and last name, sex, site, Facebook ID, and Twitter name. The part of the account we got was verified by listing one-way e-mail addresses with the website's website security feature (you can learn more about how we check for violations).

By the time it was achieved, a spokesman had rejected a violation. "We' ve conducted an in-house inspection and there has been no violation," said a spokesman.

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