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Weebly Community via chat - Weebly Community But why don't we remain logged in when we click Help Center? I' m obviously registered here to give you that answer. Click on Help Center and I am not logged in. This means that I have to delay until the fellowship page is loaded (for some sort of reasons, your fellowship pages are loading very slowly) before I can even find the help center (yes, I'll be bookmarking it this time).

Mod - Arrgh, my village at last uploaded, I click on Help Center and lo and behold, I am no longer logged in!

SimpleChat - How does it work? - Weebly Help Center

Weebly chat is a new function (currently available to everyone in the USA and Canada) that allows you to chat with your clients and users. There is a small chat icon installed in the bottom right of the site, through which users can then get in touch with you. This is what distinguishes SimpleChat: You don't need an application to be able to interact with your users.

Instead, the app will send chat to your mobile in the form of text-messaging. You could be on the telephone at the supermarket, doing a gig or climb Mount Everest (big mobile there). Click the Try It Free icon to start your 14-day free evaluation.

When you are already registered with Weebly, you will be redirected to your area. As soon as you are setup, you will be moved to the Notepad, where you will see a new simple chat window in the lower right of your website. Use this field to control your chat preferences and also display where the chat window will appear on each page of your online page.

Extend this field to make your changes. It controls some basic information such as the colour of the chat headers, the chat titles that your users see, and the telephone numbers of everyone (whether you or a group of people) that you want to make available for chatting with your users.

If a telephone number is added, we will send a 5-digit confirmation key to that number to make sure your chat gets to the right place. And if you don't get the number, please verify your telephone number again and click Submit again. Once checked, you will get a text messaging from an admin number.

Notice that you can text this telephone number "enable" to make yourself available for chatting, and "disable" to make yourself inaccessible. Apart from the button next to your telephone number in the preferences, this is the main way to tell whether or not a visitor can start a chat with you.

All you need to do now is post your website and your users can begin to chat (as long as you are activated or available). If someone initiates a chat with you, they'll see that:

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