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Founded by Chief Executive Officer David Rusenko, Chief Technology Officer Chris Fanini and former Chief Product Officer Dan Veltri, Weebly is the name of the company. WEBLY is the website platform of choice for National History Day projects. ALWAYS where the history is in the menus. "is to believe that a certain narrative form is an absolutely fact. The story is told by a set of watchers, none of whom are unbiased.

Facts are biased by the mere course of the times and...[often] intentional misrepresentations....and the unavoidable corrupt practices that result from an aggregation of negligent errors.

So the sage sees history as a series of lectures to learn, as decisions and implications to consider and discuss, and as errors that should never be made again "without a civilisation in between".

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6 September 20181) Today we will talk about geographical activities in school. Our geographical survey will take place on September 14. 3 ) Make sure you check your home memos and ask your friends if you don't comprehend them. One never knows when a popular trivia show might appear all of a sudden.... 5 September 20181)

Our geographical study will take place on Friday, September 14. We' ll discuss the replies in class later. 2 ) We completed the 1.1 lesson last night and will start the 1.2 and maybe 1.3 lesson today. The 3 note packs are all available on the Klassenwebsite in the Lotus Notes section.1 September 20181)

Geographical activities should be completed at your own pace. They will be questioned about the contents on Friday 14 September. 2 ) We begin the note for section 1 on Tuesday 4 September. For a summary of last year's history programme, you can refer to pages 2-9 in your schoolbook.

Instructions 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 are available for downloading in the "Instructions" section. It is the aim of this website to provide assistance to all of Mr. O'Neill's history pupils throughout the year. All course advertisements will be published on the homepage of the website. You' ll find that the website is divided into several sections: available online lesson plans and memos, and other available online material to help learners throughout the year.

Pupils (and parents) should visit this page every day to keep up to date (what memos were taken in the classroom, when is the next project information, test, quiz, etc.). Furthermore, our classmates will use the website when working on the ethics & religious culture of the course.

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