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Homepage - Benjamin Franklin High School

The Benjamin Franklin High School is designed to help children learn and improve their spirit and characters. BFHS's sports programme aims to practise and improve virtues and refine the hearts on the pitch - to inspire the athlete, competitor and spectator equally to be powerful in spirit, bodies and souls.

The Benjamin Franklin High School believe that a vibrant programme of pupil activity is critical to the education of pupils. BFHS Sports Plans should offer a wide range of experience to help develop favourable practices and settings of pupils to help them get ready for adulthood in a Democratic community.

Physical training helps to strengthen heads and build strong and healthy lives. Ethletics promotes and develops self-esteem and self-esteem. The Inter-Scholastic Contest provides a vehicle for scholastic mindset and scholastic pride among pupils and the wider world. Sports programmes are an important and necessary part of the overall educational programme. It is a privelege that involves responsibility towards the schools, the activities, the students, communities and the pupils themselves.

Physical training provides healthy ways for pupils to establish favourable behaviours and settings for interaction in society and groups. Leading skills of many competitors are enhanced through the use of competitive programmes. Pupils' activity is seen as complementary to the school's educational programme, which aims to convey experience that helps young men and women grow in physical, mental, emotional and outcomes.

Inter-scholastic sports programmes are carried out in accordance with current guidelines, rulings and requirements. The sports programme must be carried out at all stages in such a way that it is justified as an education programme. To sum up, the ultimative aim of the programme should be athletic: In order to cultivate the virtues among the programme members.

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