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Every symbol is automatically scaled to the width of its container. Adds "Awesome" symbols to your website. Select from over 600 Font Awesome icon fonts to be added to your website. Every symbol is scaled to the width of its own containment. So you can make "large and bulky" symbols when you let them fall into large boxes, or "small and elegant" symbols when you let them fall into small boxes.

Each symbol is yours: When you want your symbol to hover on a monochrome pad, just drop it into a pad item, another free Finite Wisdom application. Symbols themselves are provided by Font Awesome by Dave Gandy. The symbols are not visible to you when you select them.

Every Icon you select, it will take a long delay before it appears. The dimensioning just doesn't work for me. As with most free applications in Weebly, zero compatibility with everything else was poorly thought out (as if it were just too hard to have just a few size and orientation options).

Weebly App Center will have something useful again next year. Drove the designer to slightly increase the symbol resize, but no big problem. Let me append symbols for adding socio mediac, then create links to websites, modify the color, resize, etc..

Include a favicon in your website - Weebly Help Center

Did you ever notice a small picture on the register card of your web browsers when you visit a website? It' known as a favoricon, and attaching one to your site is an easy way to make your site even more catchy for your site's traffic and highlight your links in a bookmarkinglist.

You will find the possibility to add a favoricon to your page in the section General under Settings. To browse your computer for a favicon picture that you want to use, click Submit. Please note the following: Picture must be quadratic. When uploading, a rectangle picture of any kind fails.

You have to save the picture as .jpg,.png or.ico-files. A 64 pixel x 64 pixel is the perfect fit for the picture, but it's also okay to have an picture that's bigger or smaller (no smaller than 16x16 and no bigger than 100x100 are good rule of fist and make your favoricon look good).

You will see theavicon on your settings page if the download is a successful one. You must post to have the Favicon appear on your site even though it may not appear in your own web browsing application immediately after posting. The reason for this is that navigators store favicones very heavily and the publication of your website does not immediately refresh this aache.

But the good thing is that first-time users of your site can see your favoricon, as can anyone who visits a web page that they did not use during a prior one. You still can't see the new favoricon on your page? If you try to view your website with something other than your regular web browsers, you will probably be able to see it, although it may take some getting the web page cached in your chosen web browsers.

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