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Detached: Strip and iDEAL - Weebly Community @jasper1, at the time being IDEAL is not an optional feature that can be used, although it is indispensable for web shops in the Netherlands. Iebly is considering adding IDEAL, but I don't do it when the thinking becomes real....

. And now that we are a non-profit organization that sells newspapers and book, we really need a web shop with an IDEAL payoff.

That is why we lowered our level again and got our cash back, and decided (for the moment ) for e-cwid. Also with the free of charge versions you have many possibilities and.... of course IDEAL. ECOWID is a very user-friendly and efficient e-commerce tool. WEBLY does not provide URL's that are linked to e-cwid.

Integrating iDeal into the Weebly store

Many of Weebly's clients are from the Netherlands. 90% of online transactions in the Netherlands are processed via iDeal, a very secured and easy-to-use POS system backed by all Netherlands banking institutions. While PayPal is expanding, it is still small and most consumers place more confidence in iDeal than in PayPal. iDeal makes a web shop reliable and secured.

attracting clients because the vast majority have no PayPal accounts. A number of professionals offer iDeal plug-ins for online stores in Holland. So why doesn't Weebly try it and try to do an iDeal out? This would be the start we are awaiting for all Weebly stores in the Netherlands.

What is the best way to connect an IDEAL system to my website?

However, this problem has been going on for some time now and I think there are not so many weak clients in Holland. If not, Weebly would have created the ideal opportunity a long time ago. Weebly does not have the technological capabilities to realize this use. However, if you want to expand into customer base, Weebly must provide the ability to use all types of checkout/payment methods.

Myself and many other Weebly user it will take a great deal of deal of deal away to the competition that have these apps on their web shops. Weebly is not prepared to reimburse my losses in this business.

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