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Or you can add an image directly to a text element and wrap the text around the image. Drag a picture element into an existing text element. Upload a picture as described above. You will probably want to resize larger images using the blue drag control in the corner of the image.

Weebly Help Center - How to add images to a website

Picture elements, slide show elements, gallery elements. We will look at the use of the fundamental pictorial feature in this paper. On the Build page, move the screen to a page. Click on the item to open the Picture Select dialogue boxes. At this point, you can download a picture from your computer by either directly dropping the picture from a directory onto this screen, or by pressing the Import icon and searching for the picture on your computer.

When you click on a photograph, the item preferences are displayed. The following additional functions are available in the Edit and Substitute Picture buttons: Allows you to attach a shortcut to the picture. When you activate the light box function, the full-size picture is displayed in an overlays when someone else presses the picture on the page.

To type a caption text that appears below the picture, click here. Select a frame type and colour and enter Alt text for the picture. Use the Edit Picture buttons to open an editing program with several other settings. View from right to left in the picture above:

You can use the Revert Refresh buttons to delete any changes you don't like, and don't forget to click Remember when you're done working. Or you can directly attach an picture to a text item and have the text wrapped around the picture. For this purpose, move a picture item into an already created text item.

In this case, please load a picture as described above. You will probably want to resize bigger images with the help of the dropdown list in the corners of the thumbnail. Use the same options available for a stand-alone picture item, such as caption and distance, and change the orientation from right to left. Click the

Large ressources for floor pictures

Pictures are really important for your website... a beautiful picture really does help when someone is looking at your website.... Website without pictures is a little like a room in a real estate without arts. They can never see the picture, you can never really see it, but without pictures on your site, you essentially have only text. This can deter and discourage people.

You may know that Weebly gives you the opportunity to look for a whole range of floor images (both free and paid), but there are tonnes of other online ressources where you can free some really high value images that you can use as you wish on your website.

Below is a listing of some of the great pages we have found and often used. This can be like looking for a pin in a heap of hay, but if you have a money and don't want to spend on paying for quality pictures, you should find something quite good here that works for you.

NOTE: The websites below may have certain restrictions on their images. Be sure to review the licensing terms before using images on your Web site; some may need mapping, others may need the picture to be modified in some way before it can be used on a Web site, still others may or may not be used on certain kinds of Web site.

There are also some good hints on how to create and use images on your website: We would be pleased if you would know more of our free images where you can free of charge get the images you need.

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